BPR anti corruption competition

Last night, IR syabab has received its first ever award, a consolation prize worth RM100. hehe..me, Amir, Zubair and Syafiq decided to take part in the competition just for fun and maybe to gain some experiences. Well, it worth trying anyway. We got RM100 just for one night of editing pictures and videos. Thanks to Jube for his outstanding skills in photoshop and amir for his ideas and stuff.

The 1st prize winner is a very talented person based on my observation from his videos. He just simply put some of his 'interviews' with kids and ask about corruption, bribery etc. Well, for sure the kids will answer in funny ways. That's one of the attractions in his work making him the 1st prize winner of RM500.

How i wish we have been more prepared. Anyway, i'm pretty much impressed with our work. We have conveyed our messages thru this video and we will continue to do so. Hopefully we can enter other competition in the coming future. Insya Allah.

Till then..Wslm


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