I'm losing my touch..my skills

After an Islamic forum, one of my senior came to me,
(note: the conversation was in bahasa)

Senior N: Go ahead. Ask question.
Munsyi : I don't know what to ask. You give me a question, I'll ask it for you.
Senior N: No. Ask your own question. I know u have a good one.
Munsyi : No Thanks. I'm blurred. (I couldn't even think of a simple one)

In another event(camping),

Senior M: What's your opinion Munsyi about this program.
Munsyi : umm...hmmm..I think it's interesting. Keep up the good work.
Senior M: Anything else?
Munsyi : Nope.

I don't know what is happening to me, but I think i'm LOSING my ABILITY, that is, to say something nice(to create a string of words) in Malay. In my high school years, as far as I can remember, saying anything about any topic is not a problem because eventually my words will reach the other person, even if it is just a joke. Well, I strongly think this is because I use less and less Malay everyday and read less novels or articles in Malay.

As u all are aware, IIU courses are taught fully in English and beside English, I'm very fond of Japanese Language. So, I make some effort to learn it on my own from reading, listening to music videos, movies and also dramas. So, I might say that sometimes I don't think in Malay; its either in English or Japanese. However, I think I'll be just fine.

Till then, Wslm


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