my blog has been created

After about 1 hour of hard last, my official blog has been created..i've been thinking of start blogging earlier, but i just don't have the time..if only this university give free wireless sooner..hehe..

this blog might not seem as good as my friends' Safwan or Fuad, but i'll try to update it as frequent as possible..

a lot of thanks to jomphp for the nice tutorial on the 10 tips for newbies like me..

anyway, this is my official blog, along with my other blogs just for other purposes.i'll link them later and plz, do check them out..till then..

ps: the main point of this blog is still blurry, at first, i just wanted to blog like everyone else, but then, I'm thinking of posting pieces of my mind..but in the meantime, just bare with it..a lil bit of me, mumbling about anything and everything..


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