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Well, i must say i'm very much agree with this article.Well, let just say, what's the point to protest?Your academic performances are based on your own will wether to study hard or not. Narrow-minded ppl always act before they think. So plz, think before u act. Like i said in my Fs, don't be fooled by others. Make your own judgement. Let's Think...

Non Bumi do not need UiTM to excel
Posted by: kl_guy

There are many road protest among the UiTM students on the inclusion of non bumi, I would SAY, we as non-bumi ppl, we do not need to study in UiTM in order to excel in our lifes.

Non bumi all this while has been on our own w/o so much assistance from the BN government.

1st - we nvr get any discount of 5%-7% when purchasing properties but with our consistently hard working attitute and prudent saving attitute, we able to purchase our own houses.

2nd - we nvr get any quota to enrol in local public university but with our own intelligence, we still able to improve our academic achievement.

If current/existing local malay students dun wan non-bumi in UiTM. We, non bumi can let these group of bangsa study there and upon graduation, let them become “Penganggur Terhormat”.

As we all now, which race that achieve the highest rate of unemployment rate. This race achieve their Number ONE every year.

Local malay students worry and realise that they are not able to compete with other races becoz they have been spoon-fed by BN government for so many decades. When they have graduated, they are not able to compete in the real world.

However, with all the things that I have written above, I do admit and agree, that there are many malays that are very intelligence and able to achieve many great things in the history and in the future.

Personally, I do have a few malay frens that are clever and successfull.

And I also have a few malays frens that always complain about this and that and always hope of more subsidies from government.

Lastly, for all UiTM students, you all can continue study in your own UiTM and we are ready to challenge you all when you have graduated.
See you all in the REAL WORLD

There u go. Maybe some of us might think, this person has some guts to critic Malay people in UiTM. But let just face the fact that sometimes, we don't strive enough. We don’t strive for success and excellence because we’re satisfied with what we have. Let's accept his challenge. Be a better person. Think harder. Strive harder. We are muslims afterall. That's what Islam has been teaching us.

Till then, wslm.


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