The Firecrackers' Story..


Argh..@tensyen when will people realize that firecrackers are illegal in this country? and even if it's allowed , don't they have better work to do rather than spending money to buy firecrackers and burn them later on. And these people called themselves university students. @takbole

I am so pissed off. Yesterday,@marah I was using najwan’s PC when suddenly I saw something sparked and exploded just outside the window. BOOM (or however it sounds)!! It almost gives me a heart attack. People from the room above najwan’s were playing with the firecrackers and throw them outside their windows. I was so surprised and I shouted back at them. @#$%&**. And just the other day, when i was walking at my college, another firecracker exploded right in front of me. @tensyen

That’s not the way you celebrate Eidul Fitr or the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. but of course they wouldn't understand. If I ever meet the person behind all those firecrackers, I just have 2 questions to ask them, what did they gained by playing the firecrackers?satisfaction?pride?And why are they still acting like a child and not as a matured person?

How about you?what will you do if you ever met such a person?@bising

some foreigners were mad with these 'absentminded' people,that they decided to report the matter to the Dean..hihiThumbsUp


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