It's been a long time since my last post.Well, i must say university student's life is very tough. At least for me with my automotive major, it IS indeed very crucial. I always thought by revising at the very last minute will help you remember longer than if you start earlier. Well, it's not gonna happen that way. Out of 5 subjects, only 1 subject I did manage to answer confidently, the one that I've been revising during the mid-break.

During my high school days way back in 2004, I always wonder how my excellent friends can stand revising for a very long period of time. There's this girl I saw in the library. She read a text book and wrote down notes for like hours, WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE. I really don't understand how she manage to do that. No wonder she was one of the top students for Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) in my school.

As for me, I can only face the big text book of Physics or Chemistry just for a couple of hours, or maybe not even an hour. I'll easily get distracted. Then I'll do something else like singing with my friends or laughing at my their jokes or singing some more. Haha..That's how I ended up getting only 7A's for my SPM.

Back to the story, to my surprise, that day when I was revising for Structural Dynamics, I didn't sleep at all. Of course that's because the next day was the exam for that subject. But alas, I wasn't able to perform well in that exam. My head was killing me and i felt very sleepy. At last, I force myself to finish the paper and get out from the exam hall. My friend said to me after I told him the story, "dah ko tak tido, sebab tu la ko pening2, kebas kaki..bla bla bla".

Well, I learned from my mistake and I have to change. How About You? Islam also taught us to grab 5 things before come 5 other things; Rich before you poor, young before you got old, FREE TIME before you are BUSY, healthy before you got sick, and live before you die. Just a reminder for you and me.

things that we do when we feel bored when revising..taking pictures

Till then, WslmHot


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