Iftar Jama3ie '08 - Batch 062

Iftar jama3ie organised by ENGINIUS is 'a must attend' event for our batch 062. Every year, we will get together and iftar together. It's been two years(next semester = 3years) already since we enter IIU, and our ukhuwah are still bounded with the love and permission from Allah.

Even though not all of our friends can attend this event, this year we manage to collect many beautiful memories,again.Grin

Tentative: After maghrib prayers,iftar at Engineering Colosseum, tarawikh prayer at musolla, tazkirah by amir on Illuminati AngryFace , disperse. And also we got to make video for salam perantau which will be upload on fuad's blog any day from now..(Wink hihi..upload the video plz fuad). Watch the video here.. Here are some of the pictures during the iftar.

till then, wslm


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