yesterday,the 2nd of syawal/october..
it was a hard day for me..
my grandfather(father's side) just passed away after Subuh prayer..
I would like to take a little bit of your time to recite Al-fatehah for Almarhum Tok Ayah..

May Allah(swt) have mercy on his soul and place him in the highest levels of Jannah..
May Allah(swt) grant Maghfirat to Almarhum Tok Ayah and place his soul
amongst His Chosen Ones..
Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

My heartfelt wish to my father and uncles who are enduring the lost of their beloved father, please be strong. Be strong for Allah loves you and because of His great loves, Allah test you.

A short reminder for us: When Uthman ibn Affan (RA) would see the burial process he would weep, so someone asked: 'When Jannah and Hell are brought up, we don't see it affecting you as much as when you see the burial in front of you.' So Uthman replied: 'This is the first station of akhirah, if it goes well then everything after it will be easy, if it does not, then everything after it will be worse.'

The most important moments in your life are your last moments: "Your deeds are according to your endings." [Hadith]. So what happens to you in the end are the most important stages of your life. May we all have a good ending (Husnul Khatimah) in this life.

Thank You for your time..


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