I'm not satisfied with my presentation..it's &$%@

I just want to say one thing about our presentation tonight..
with my lecturer rushing us to finish faster as if our presentation was longer than the period given..
it is not even 15 minutes...
she should have timed the first presenter..
that guy who presented about middle-eastern marriage crisis..
plus all her questions..she doesn't realise that guy had exceeded the 20minutes maximum..
his presentation was like half an hour...
not started from us..we just begin our presentation..
argh..I gave my best working on that video presentation..
I want people to give their comments and ask questions about our job/topic..

I should have listen to Fuad..
"don't concentrate to much on that video presentation..it'll just cost you 0.5 credits"
I should have cut out that NG scene..even though it's quite funny seeing Ijat laugh again and again..
I should not have let Ijat said about that Jubah scene..I think She must have hated it..

that's enough for now..
I really feel agitated..I feel betrayed..CryingAngryFace
It's not fair...
Lecturers from Law Faculty should have known these things
that's all..


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