Alhamdulillah!! At last!! Yatta!! Kau pergi jua!!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, I finished all my exams today, finally..

my last paper was ECON 1550 - introductory economics to engineering which is by the way, I hate so much because I have to study the theoretical part. Like most of engineering student, I tend to like practical part more than the theoretical part. I have 7 days gap from the second last papers but I didn't use it wisely, as usual. Ish2..Last minute study will never work for me. No comment on my ECON exam. I really hope I pass it with flying colours.

I should have taken this subject back in my first year here in IIU but I postphone it till this semester because there's a lot more subjects that need to be taken (this is IIU btw in case you didn't know).Actually I don't understand the sole reason why I should take this subject in the first place. I am an engineering student majoring Automotive for God's sake. "This is Broadbased knowledge. You may not find it related to your courses but someday it will help you in your life" said Dr. Faris, the Dean, when I first admitted to this Uni. hmm. If you don't want to use your time finishing your degree, I advise you not to take IIU courses or else you will spend the rest of your student life studying the subjects you don't like or worst, repeat the subject.

Well, that's just part of me disagree with the system. The other part actually glad I took this courses and subjects. I learnt a lot from this University. Last message from me, Do join us here in IIU. Don't be afraid. It's fun learning new things.

Enough mumbling, I need to pack my clothes and bags because I'm going to Singapore on the 13th (A journey to the south) in quest of search for the true knowledge.
till then, wassalam

p/s: It's good to be Fuad and Ijat, they finish earlier than me.


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