Salam..At last, after a long unannounced M.I.A, i managed to get hold of the internet and update my blog, not from my home, but from Sri Malaysia JB Hotel (i will be temporarily working here). I've been spending my holiday searching for a job, any job actually. From KFC, TESCO, hypermarkets near my home, PETRONAS and several bookstores, and guess what, none of them want to hire a hardworking person like me, God knows why. Maybe it's because they don't want to pay extra allowances..hehe..that's what I think to cheer myself up. : )

Well, speaking of job, maybe you guys wonder why I wanted to work so much. The reasons are as below:
[1] I'm saving my money for my future plan, which is according to my calculation, will be in 2010. Please don't ask what plan it is.. : P
[2] Next semester, I must buy more books. New study spirit...again. Hopefully it's working this time around.
[3] new experience perhaps. My E.I.T will be next year short semester.

After all the job searching thing, I realized several things; usually people don't hire worker who will just work for a month or less, and it's really (I mean REALLY) hard to find a job on your own without your Degree or PhD(especially for someone who has zero specialty like me).

that's all for now, need to sleep a bit early. Thank God the owner of this hotel a.k.a my employer is my aunt. Hope I can help her somehow. Till then. I'll post my Singapore pictures later.

p/s: my mum bought me new spectacle coz I broke my old one. Say hello to my new spectacle, from LEVI'S


2 Responses to "Update!!"
  1. haha~
    2008 punya eh.

    holla cik cermin mata.

  2. ceh..ni dah lame gile kot.hehe

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