My Trip: Singapore 1

Salam. Okay. As I promised earlier, I'll post some of the pictures I took during my trip to Singapore on November 13th. The sole reason is to visit Muslim people there, how did they manage their life, their Islamic institution and others. So, basically, you can can it an Educational Trip. Not for fun, but for the sake of learning and ukhuwah in Islam.

Before I post the pictures, let me briefly describe the situation of Muslimin in Singapore, based on my observation when I was there. This is what I see; they (Singaporean Muslim) are divided into two categories; Islamic and not-so-Islamic people.

I don't want to discuss further on the not-so-Islamic people, you can say they are more daring, more not-Islamic than the not-Islamic Malaysian (hope you can understand my point here). When we took the MRT Bukit Batok, in front of my friend, Usaid, were this one couple, Malay, kissing each other as if no one is watching. Those who wear hijab, I think, they are better than those in Malaysia. Their tudung covered their aurah and they do not wear fit T-shirt or anything like that unlike most so-called Islamic Malaysian girls who wear tudung or cover their hair but at the same time, show their body shape. Wallahua'lam. Just a 1 day observation does not prove a lot of things right.

Hmm, enough talking, let the pictures do the rest. After all, a picture is worth a thousand word right.

Departed from IIU

Arrived at Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque JB

this is where I used to sit during Jumaat Prayers when I was in standard 5 at SRI JB. This place brings back memories. Natsukashii na..
We waited for friends from UTM skudai to arrive and take care of our vehicles and belongings. There's Hafiz ZA, Adik Abg Pian and others.Hafiz and his habit playing with people's ear. I thought he has stopped doing that when he enter UTM..hehe

Took the SBS bus From Larkin to Singapore
In the MRT to Bkt Batok.Always, always look right, look left and look right again before crossing the MRT railway.
You can refund your ticket and get 1 Dollar back.
The management people at Masjid Ar-Raudhah greet us with open arm. The nicest and warmest hospitality I ever receive from masjid's people.
They even provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us. Some of it cannot be found in Malaysia. I don't really remember what's the name.Harmony Centre @ Masjid An-Nahdhah. Here they teach the non-muslim about Islam. Just for the record, the number of non-Muslims who visit this place is greater than the Muslims.
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, MUIS's Halal Logo. Any product is considered 100% halal only if there's this logo, this one and only Halal logo.
Safwan and a Singaporean girl.
Actually, there's more pictures. But the Internet conection here is giving me a hard time to upload them. Continue next post.


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