Are they really that ignorant or just plain stupid?

Salam. So I've said it. And I want to repeat it again and again. and I refuse to take it back. These people( I'm refering to a certain people around me,not in IIU, but in Malaysia, the so-called Islamic country), they sometimes can be a total jerk and can be so insensitive. Maybe you are wondering what am I talking about. Believe me, you wouldn't want to know more about these people(they are not even qualified to be called a “human being” ).

During the recent demonstration at Tabung Haji Building (near Ampang Park LRT station) to the U.S Embassy, my friends and I were there to join the demo (eventhough I'm a bit late because of the class and the time waiting for the bus). So we start walking from the TH building to the U.S Embassy and of course, it is a legal demonstration. Thanks to the traffic policemen and some volunteers from amanpalestin who help to control the road traffic, the traffic were a bit 'smooth' (well, what do you expect when there's a demo going on). At least, they open one lane for the vehicles to pass the sea of demonstrators. Some of the drivers honked as a sign of  agreement with the demo and some just smiled and showed us thumbs up.

But there were some, whom I mention earlier said something like "tak habis-habis nak berdemo" or even show us the finger. (Note that the quote is in Bahasa and the person is a Malay/Muslim). Well, may be those people were late to work and we're blocking the way and all. But, please, at least, show some respect to the demonstrators, who took some of their precious time to join the demo in order to make people, the Government, and U.S ambassador understand why we're defending our brothers and sisters and explain all about the current Israel invansion in Palestine.

Remember on the New Year's eve, there will be interviews on what are your resolutions and hopes for the coming 2009. There this person answered something like this "I'm glad I live in Malaysia. There is no wars, like in Palestine and bla bla bla". Can you imagine how insensitive can this person be? and again, he is a Malay and also a Muslim.

Sometimes, we can tell people are not that sensitive about the issue based on their words. An IIU student in PJ were collecting donation for Palestinian when suddenly an old man came to him and says these words: "why are you collecting donation for them(Palestinian), they don't even help you, they don't even know who you are".

Astaghfirullah Al - 'Azim.

How are we going to deal with these people? These people who don't read they newspaper a lot, or only read entertainment magazines. These people who pray Jumaah prayer in Masjids and after that went to the Sport TOTO to buy lottery tickets(with their Baju Melayu). Yes, these people really exist and they are practising Islam more like a tradition rather than obligation. Well, what do you think? I'll just let you guys come up with the solution.

Before I forget, here are the links where you can donate to the Palestinian, for them to survive, for Islam to survive in Palestine.



and there's other NGOs  who provide the donation service. Together we boycott the Israel's products and give donation to Our Muslims brothers and sisters in Palestine.


2 Responses to "Are they really that ignorant or just plain stupid?"
  1. hmm..i think..those ppl are ignorant idiots who's juz lost faith..
    myb..they juz do some obligations out of shame to the people around, but not because they feel ashamed in front of Allah..

    ppl like this..i think only Allah can save them..sure we can tell them about Palestine n why it's important to help..but they may be like "but then, donating won't really help that much" and "why would I wanna help them when I can't even hep myself?"

  2. indeed very true. But the least we can do is guide them and let Allah do the rest.

    Maybe they think that the world just revolves around them.

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