I am in Pain!!

Salam, it's been a week since I got this fever. Yes, I mean a real fever, not a football fever,or a love fever or the election fever or anything like that, even though I rarely got sick for a long period of time. So I decided to go to the clinic in my campus. But before that, I SMSs Hudzaifah, my friend from USIM who is studying Medical to find what's wrong with my body. It goes something like this.

what's the medical term for my sickness; I got a fever, my body is weakening, sore throat and my Lymph Glands swollen.
Jepah: the term for all that? I think it's an inflammatory response.
Me: owh, OK. Thanks. I am going to see the doctor and I want to sound clever.
Jepah: and suddently I gave the wrong term and you sound not clever..hehe
Me: It's OK. I trust you.

But, in the end, I didn't manage to say the term because the doctor was a Malay (I thought at first it'll be the middle-eastern Doctor). I explain my health problems and he prescribed load of medications for me.

And after just two nights, I seem to be infected with new illness, tongue ulcer. Just the right time as I had to conduct a meeting that night. So, under certain problems, I canceled the meeting, and went to see the doctor, again, the next day. It's different doctor, and she gave me antibiotics to help my immune system fighting infection. If my fever doesn't go away after a week, she asked me to undergo a blood test to detect the real disease. I hope it's not that serious. (adib keep mentioning it's chikunya.. :P).
Even though the ulcer dissapeared, until this day, I still have the fever and it occurs only at night.

While thinking about my health problems, it comes to my mind, how on earth the people in Palestine are going to survive if they have untreated wounds or they have no foods and drinks that will cause malnutrition or even the pressures they received from the Israelis, and if they didn't have any medication to stay healthy. Oh, how I hope the war on Gaza and all other Islamic country be over soon (I'm not so sure about it though).

That's why they need our help. Come on people, tell other people around you about the situation in Gaza, give your donation and don't forget to boycott U.S and Israel products.

May Allah Bless Us All, Ameen.

p/s: by the way, if you are an IIUM student, this Monday-Wednesday, 18-20th January, the Journalism Club will be organizing an Exhibition on Gaza near SHAS mosque and a talk by Bro. Noor Azman on Palestine Issues. You are most welcome. Show your support.


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