Isogashii na..

Salam, good day everyone.

Right now I am very busy. Actually, to tell you the truth, Automotive Engineering students are not suppose to be as busy as me, but right now, I got a lot of responsible and works to be done. I'm in the Engitex 09 committees, I'm tutoring PMR and SPM students in Janda Baik every weekends, focusing on my endless midterms and finals which are just about 4 weeks and also attending volleyball trainings. I'm sorry if I cannot give my fullest commitments in Journalism Club or Volleyball.

I'll try my best to balance between my study, my job, and my D&T. Do pray for me. Recently, I always feeling down. I just don't know why. So, until I'm fully recovered and free, I'll update as frequent as possible. Insha Allah. Till Then.


p/s: just a couple of pictures (a pleasure for your eyes). These are my friends and they will always be.

Gen 10 M3


me and the famous blogger fuadarman


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