Stressed Out?!! Help needed

Bismillah..Salam 'Alaik..

Starting this week, I've decided to take a break from my tutoring job.
Well, to make it in one simple sentence, "my final exams are coming, in two weeks time and I'm a bit busy".
The real reason, hmm..I would say I need some time for myself to purify my real intention of tutoring the kids.
Let me explain in further detail what I'm talking about.

Saturday last week, I was supposed to wait at 11a.m for the bus to go to Janda Baik, for the tutoring job. But I was a bit late because I have volleyball theory test earlier that morning. So, I went out to wait at around 12 instead.

Stress 1
After that was the start of my bad day. The bus to Janda Baik should be every 30min but on that day, I waited for about one and a half hour but still, there's no sign of it. Just as I was about to give up, the BUS passed me by very fast. I was so angry at the bus driver for not noticing my please-stop hand signal. But then I realized that maybe it wasn't his fault. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was waiting under the bridge near the IIU maingate. Hehe..that's not where we supposed to stop bus but it's cheaper from that place.

Stress 2
I gave up. I took the LRT to the bus station in Titiwangsa. It took me about half an hour and I got into the bus straightaway. Just as I about to reach JBaik, the bus stopped because there's something wrong with the engine. Thinking there's no time to be angry, I called my friend to fetch me at the place and go straight to where I teach the students. It's late and the students(the orphans) are waiting long enough but I choose to perform zohor prayer at the nearby masjid.

Stress 3
I enter the class and began my teaching but I notice some of the students weren't in the class. I asked the eldest student and she said other students were too lazy to enter the class. Feeling irritated for the 3rd time, I ignored them and focus on teaching those who are present. In fact, they are not the one who were paying my salary all this time. I work for a good Samaritan (Dato') who wanted to help this orphans. They didn't have to pay anything, just need to come to the class but yet, they didn't.

That's the real reason why I need to take a break from teaching(part time job). In simple word, it's stress. and also I need to take sometime to change my perception, intention and self-confidence. So, here I am, handling my stress by writing blog entry, playing and chatting with my friend. For those who have been with me in IIU, if I am disturbing you with your study, that's because I need some time to relax and someone to talk to. Sorry and thanks again for being there for me.

that's all for now. right now, I'm working hard to do all the projects and assignments. Do pray for me 'kay.



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