THIS BOOK [updated]

This Book is Dynamite.
It will blow up high pessimism, boredom, frustration and despair.

This Book is a Compass.
It will guide you into new worlds of satisfying and happy living.

This Book is a Key.
It will open the door to the development of your hidden wonderful potential.

This Book is a Miracle.
It will release you from fear, renew your confidence and give you courage and hope.

This Book is The Noble Quran, Words of Allah.

credit: safiarrahman

note: check out this Quran read pen. It might be useful for our children later.


2 Responses to "THIS BOOK [updated]"
  1. Salam,

    Sejajar dengan usaha saudara untuk memupuk semangat, saya ingin memperkenalkan suatu alat untuk membantu kanak-kanak dalam usaha mengaji Quran.

    Alat ini adalah Quran Readpen. Terangan lanjut ada di blog saya. Sila beri pandangan saudara.

    Terima Kasih

  2. I've read it. It's very impressive.

    thanks for the info and promotion. I think I'll link this in my blog. Thanks again.

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