two more or two left?


just a quick post about my exams. two exams left or two exams more,whichever sounds right;
structural mechanics and kinematics and dynamics of machinery.
They are on 16th and 18th, and I have about 2,3 days to do the revision.

'someone' leave me studying these subjects alone to go back to his home, maybe he is a mama's boy..
as for me, i haven't seen my mum for like weeks and I don't really feel anything..
maybe its because i'm used to it since I spent most of my life as a student away from home;
my highschool was in Perlis and my home was in johor at that time..
Plus, I can just call my parents whenever I am free,so being lonely or homesick is out of question.

Hmm..Do pray for my success. All the best for me, just need to focus, focus a little bit more.

For my friend hudzaifah nordin who had just came back from his faculty visit in egypt..welcome home..
hope that you gain a lot of experinces there and bring me some omiyagi..hehe.

before I forgot, Hilal Asyraf, my junior from highschool(MATRI) is going to release his books on
17th. they will be sold at the BOOK FAIR in PWTC. Two books from hilal entitled langit ilahi
and VT. Try to buy them as they are very well-written, not a love novel though but very mind-boggling.

that's all for now, waiting for your du'a, till then,


p/s: whenever I am in exams period, my mind calender will display date/numbers(16th, 17th,...)
instead of days(sunday,monday...) it just me or it happens to yo guys also.. : P

Cover of one of his books, Langit Ilahi


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