Everyday is Mother's Day

or Everyday is Parents' Day Wink

Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 10 every year. Frankly speaking, I don’t know much about This Day. I just googled the information about it a while ago. Just so you know, I don’t really like this whole idea of celebrating your mother on this one day event. I wonder, is it really necessary for you to spend your money, to make your mother happy for just one day. Let me explain why.
Your mother, my mother, our own flesh and blood mother is the one, who are willing to suffer not just a tiny little pain, to make sure you are born into this world. She raised you up with her small hand, soft shoulder, with or without her husband. She treats you with care, kindness and affectionate love, wishing you might turn out well and pay her back someday, not with money, but with love.
But, some of us, who sometimes lost their emotion over absurd things like woman/man, money, popularity, life affairs and etc, tend to treat their mother badly. Remember the Si Tanggang/Malim Kundang story. The story has proven that there are still people out there, who despise their mother just because their wives found her disgusting and dirty. How stupid can they get? Even if sometimes your mother likes to lecture you about small things, and she can be very annoying at times, that doesn’t give you the right to raise your voice at her, let alone kill hit her. Na’uzubillah.
So, let’s be kind to our mother, our parent. An important reminder from your friendly blogger on this Mother’s Day, “Thank your mother a lot while she is still alive. Let her be happy and grateful to receive you as her child. Not just on Mother’s Day, but until the end of her life”.
“Heaven Lies Under the Feet of the Mother”

Few steps to make your Mother happy and be loved by Allah:

1. If you're staying or studying or working far away from home, call her once a while.
2. If she's preparing your food, lend her your hand. The job is not just for girls/women.
3. If you don't have enough money to buy something important, and it's in the middle of the month, borrow it from your friend (i.e: me) rather than your mother.

4. If you accidentally make your mother cry or broke her heart, apologize immediately because you never know when will death come knocking on your door. and of course, don't repeat the same mistakes over & over again.
5. If you're choosing your soul mate, make sure she's knows how to please your mother.
6. If you're working and have your own money, treat her something good, buy her something nice.
7. even if she ask you to do something that is not in line with syara', tell her nicely that it's wrong.

My Dear Ummi Badariah Bt Joned
It occurs to me, while reading other blogs; I’ve never really give anything using my own money, to my beloved Ummi. Let it be on Mother’s day, ‘Eid, or even on Her Birthday. Just a mere SMSs. Wishing her wellbeing. Every time. Every Year. That is, IF I remember.
But of course, aside from wish her healthiness once a year, I will always call her, if not once a day, maybe three times a week. Just to hear her hale and hearty voice, telling about her activities, her problems, and her life.
My Ummi is a chemistry and science teacher at SMK Munshi Abdullah, Melaka. Being surrounded by eight sons and one daughter (susuan), you can say my Ummi is somehow amazing and strong. She takes good care and showers her undivided love between her sons and daughter. Ummi, I’m really glad to be your child. Please, always pray for my success in the world and the hereafter.
Try listen to this song. It is about an orphan who misses her mother. Very sad indeed.
Note : Ummi’s Birthday - October 12, Abah’s – October 25, same year 1959..coincident?..no..It is called fate.
Note2: Ummi's school name was taken from my nickname, not vice versa. Hot


8 Responses to "Everyday is Mother's Day"
  1. ya, everyday is mothers day.
    And tukar sikit.
    everyday is parents' day!


  2. @مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~

    owh, btul gak. adding few more sentence won't do any harm,I guess.

  3. Being a mom myself, alhamdulillah, I am blessed with 7 wonderful kids that always treat my days as mother's day... but not everyday can they wish me, 'Askm Mak, Hepi mother's day today... I love you!' kan? So, to me, tak salah celebrating a bit extra on this special day,and that extra doesn't mean spending money or what. Extra wish aje pun, enough to make me feel extra happy thru out the day....
    Thank you all.

  4. @meenkadir

    firstly, thanks for your comment & opinion.

    yup, I'm totally agree. Celebrating a bit on this special day is not wrong. Plus, It can strengthen the bonds between family members who might be too busy to celebrate it everyday.

    My point is for those who treat their mother badly on other day and do nice things to their mother on a specific day/time. Sorry for not making myself clear in my post.

    Btw, I respect parents who have many children like you and my parent. They know each and every children very well. Every child has different personalities and parent know how to handle everyone.

  5. uih adik bradik sorg je pompuan? huhuh

  6. @I - s Y a

    a'a. adik susuan pompuan. yg lain adik kandung. nape?xpcaye? hehe

  7. semua adik beradik lelaki,sorang susuan..wah,kagum dengan mak shu'bah!=)

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