I'm leaving this fake world for good.

The title is not related to the content. It just a gimmick. A quick entry about about things around me.

-> I'm leaving for UUM, Kedah tomorrow,eh..today at 11.30am. Haven't done the packing yet. Maybe after publishing this quickie.

-> My part time job tutoring SPM and PMR students at Janda Baik will be taken over by Bajet(Pan) for this weekend only. Next week I'll continue.

-> By the way, I'm representing IIUM in Volleyball. This year, I'm playing Fast spiker and wearing No. 5. Look out for me, for those who will be joining the Masum too.

-> I'm wearing contact lenses for the first time for this Masum and it's very comfortable. Maybe I should stuck with this Spectacle-less image for a while. People says those who wear spectacles have beautiful eyes. I think they are right.

-> will be coming back on 22nd or maybe earlier than that. Got excuse from Decision Science class but on 22nd, there will be Test 1. Maybe I need to bring DS book along to revise.

-> M3 VT got 3rd place in MSSPs this year. What a pity. Maybe a test from Allah. All the best for next year.

* I love VB but training makes me want to quit. *

* Last year's No. 8 *

"A sound mind lives in the healthy body"
"Majulah Sukan untuk Negara"


11 Responses to "I'm leaving this fake world for good."
  1. best of luck!,..

    pergilah berlayar menuju pulau kejayaan,
    meninggalkan ana di pelabuhan kesepian...

    sedihnya dah kena tinggal volleyball,..if not i m sure usim will beat uia senang je..hehe

    kena jaga2 pakai contact lens tu..i dont know u ll still have that beautiful eyes if u get uveitis (inflammation of the eye)

    M3 no 3? didnt know that...i played with them last time, hmm skill wise bagus, cuma mental kurang, mental,..

  2. to mhuno:apa mksud mental kurang?VT ma3 x sound minded ke?
    mcm smthing wrong ja..

  3. mental kena kuat,...time kena serang bertubi2 tu la yang tinggal bukan skill dh, mental..sapa y dapat jatuhkan mental lawan, dia akan menang..

  4. oh.I see...Those who excellent in spiking and other skills n techniques are not necessarily be able to win a match if the psychology is not well managed.
    Need Tawwazun/Balancing between both things.

  5. thanks 4 the wish..

    Insya Allah, I'll be mentally, spiritually, and mentally prepared.

    will update the result on the 16th. Our first match against UUM. Pray for us.

    that's why I ask you to play,mhuno. But I think USIM player can still win without you. only that they need your support mentally. Their covering is superb.

    How can I avoid getting uveitis? Dr. Mhuno?

  6. @مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~

    thanks 4 the wish..I'm doing my best..

  7. salam..it was nice to read ur entries here..i was looking and searching for such blogs which can help me to improve my language abilities as well as my writing skills. when I bump into some english medium blogs, i will stop myself there to read the whole entries with passion and enthusiasm..without realizing it injects a new spirit and I did learn something from the blog..keep up ur good work.who knows, without noticed u have educate someone far from ur reach..

  8. @Atiqah

    wassalam. Thank you very much for your comment and complement. To tell you the truth, that is what I intended to do when I first start blogging. Inspires and educates people through my writings and hope that readers will learn something from it. And along the line, I can improve my English.

    I'll try Insya Allah, to keep up my work and I always need your(the readers) supports and encouragements. I welcomed any of your comments and suggestions, as well as your critics.

    Wallahua'lam. Thanks again for dropping by and leave comments.

  9. tu dia..professional spiker..hehehe..(^_^)

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