It just a tiny crush, seriously.

Last couple of days, my friend, Wnd gave me a call.
Asking about my health and my Iman.
I answered I’m just fine, like I usually do.
But, I felt something is not right.
From his intonation, I knew, there’s something else he wanted to ask.
But he kept it to himself and says Good Night.

Upon hearing the explanation from Mhuno, now I understand.
“…He didn’t give his answer yet, afraid that you might get hurt”
“..He called to discuss about it with you, but doesn’t has the courage to do so”

So, I’m taking this chance, to explain everything.
The fact that I’ve expected this thing will happen sooner or later, seriously.
The fact that I feel, deep inside my heart, he’s the perfect guy for her.
The fact that she’s just my high school crush, a tiny miny little crush, just like any other crushes, with no string attached. and I never do anything with that crush. Not like Mhuno and Na’am. As I’m too afraid to give hope and to get attached.
The fact that I can now put my mind at rest, when someone like him is by her side.
The fact that I’m feeling happy for him and wish him a blissful life ahead. Full stop.LipsareSealed

So, friend,
Don’t feel sorry for me over such a trivial thing.
Make up your mind and do the istikharah.
You can choose not to accept the ‘offer’ but remember, “You’ll meet such a nice girl once in a blue, red, yellow moons...” - Mhuno
You’re always by my side when I’m feeling down. Now it’s the time for me to return the favor.
I've been asked with the same question by my mother,
But, I answered,”I’m not ready to give such commitment” over such a rare opportunity, a nice girl.
I don’t think the ‘offer’ will come again, and I just don’t want you to experience the same.

“A good Muslim is for a good Muslimah.” As for me, I don’t think I’m at his level, yet.

Just feeling like posting this even though I don’t think Wnd will have time to read about this. Maybe I’ll call him again after this. For those who are not related to the story, just wait for the invitation in two, three years…StickingOutTongue This is not a love story; it is a story called ‘Friendship’.



14 Responses to "It just a tiny crush, seriously."
  1. i'll be waiting for the two-three years coming invitation heee;p

  2. yes..please do..if it takes more than 3 years, then, please come up with a candidate for me..hihi

  3. salam...
    wow, that the true friendship...
    he know you had a crush on her before, he choose a friend over a woman...i respect that kind of guy...not many can do that...
    jodoh pertemuan ditangan Tuhan..semoga mendapat jodoh yg baik...hihi

  4. @hurulaini85

    that's right..he choose to let me know first before making any decision..and to me, if he is happy, then I'm happy, I ask him to accept her..after all, it just a crush..

  5. Subhanallah... What an admirable action both of you did...! Barakallahufikuma...
    May Allah Showers HIS LOVE and BLESSING for both of you... and made you guyz being a true and best friend to each other in this world and also in the hereafter...

  6. "Not like mhuno n na'am"... Isn't that too obvious?
    Friends, lets just assume this was never stated and if it was, typo perhaps..the writer meant something else...

    Fellow readers, the writer here is a good man with handsome akhlaq and iman, for those who feel like want to be part of his life, to give him extra shoulder, please come forward and....

    no idea, munsyi please continue...


    insya ALLah..Amin..

    just like cg Mai used to remind me and my classmate to always care one another..

  8. @mhuno

    is it too obvious?I just thought people won't notice..


    ..please come forward and ask him again in another two to three years from now..hihi

  9. i salute you all...
    may Allah bless all of you, insyaallah.

  10. @yasmin

    thanks for your comment and your do'a. Amin

  11. Subhanallah, mulianya hati. InsyaAllah, akan dibalas kelak

  12. @Farihin Asnur

    Insya Allah. BalasanNya jua yg kuharap.

  13. I understand what you feel..insya Allah, Allah S.W.T will give you reward of what you done...

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