Well, as you can tell from the above title, I'm going to post a little bit about the last MASUM GAMES 2009, as promised. I represented IIUM (UIAM) in Volleyball. Our group was C, together with UDM and the landlord (read: tuan rumah) host, UUM. The results are as shown.

Grouping(Group C)
UUM vs UIAM = 2-0 (UIAM lost)
UDM vs UIAM = 0-2 (UIAM won)

Second Round
UIAM vs UM = 0-3 (UIAM lost)

Even though we lost only at the second round, before entering the quarter-finals, we have shown our best (read: excuse) and we enjoy the matches very much. Because of the changes of our coach this semester, we did not put our hope too high(more excuses). We put our target for next year MASUM event to be in the top 4 universities, the semi-finalists. Insya Allah. and the Champion title goes to UKM after a long and serious match (3-2) with UPSI in the final.

For those who came to cheer for us( Saiful Rahman, Ikrimah Husni, Qahar, Ridwan, Wafiy Akmal and others), we would like to express our deepest gratitude and apologies for all the troubles. Thank You Very Much.

I have joined many teams but the best was M3 VT, my high school Volleyball team. We are bonded together like a family. We start our training with Al-Fatihah and end it with Kafaratul Majlis and Al-'Asr. We remind each other before each matches, about our main purposes of playing Volleyball that are, to gain mardhatillah, to spread the words of Islam and to show the world, Muslim also can achieve excellent in sports. and we also switched the counting 1~8 to Tasbih for the warming-up session. How I miss those unforgettable moment..

2003 Perlis Sek. Agama VT

2004 M3 VT

[No Picture. Those who have the photo please email it to me for my collection]
2005 M3 VT

2006 Matrix UIA VT

2007 UIA VT

2008 UIA VT

2009 UIA VT

End of MASUM 2009 REPORT by MuNsYi~SaMa No. 5

note: Hilal Asyraf, the author of VT and Langit Ilahi was a junior of mine. He is in the 2004 & 2005 M3 VT with me. I am not sure if my character exist in his book VT though, as he promised, because I could not read it yet.

note2: even though the UIA (Univ. Islam Antarabangsa) VT represents Islamic community generally, they are actually, just as same as any other teams, only with the title 'Islam'. The way they talk to each other, the topic they discuss among them, are just different from M3 VT, not very Islamic, I can say. But not as bad as it may sound. I don't know if I can change them without hurting their feelings. That affects me as well, as I will drifted away from Allah (no H.D.A) whenever I went to MASUM Games. Oh Allah, please open their hearts to receive your hidayah and mine too. Amin.

note3: 'Bersukan untuk Kesihatan'.I don't think the slogan is right. At least not in Malaysia, or so I think. How can you be healthy if you smoke before and after the matches? I saw a lot of sportsmen smoke before their match and it confuses me. How can the cigarettes are good for you but at the same time are harmful and can cause various illnesses? Say no to smoking and cigarette. Say no to unnecessary heart diseases.



15 Responses to "MASUM 2009 REPORT"
  1. Salam...

    Congrats and try again next time..
    UKM won? Alhamdulillah...

    Sometimes to lose something is better than to win everything. Or maybe when we win something we might not lose everything.


  2. @Atiqah

    Wassalam. Thanks for the wish. hopefully next time we will win something. hehe

  3. La Shu'bah...I taught u wanna make a fully report on each games.Hehehe.
    How was the table tennis team?they won?

  4. @ukur kira

    don't have the time la. require more time to tell about each games.

    the table tennis team. I think they lost in the quarter-finals. I'm not very sure. I think it's because they didn't select you as one of the players, right? hehe

    bile nk lwn ping pong ni? hehe

  5. i've read VT by hilal asyraf. nicely written. love it.
    i watched UPSI played. yes, they're good

  6. @syassakii

    You have read the book? is there any character by the name shu'bah in it? If it's there, it's me and I will try to get a hold of VT soon.

    you went to MASUM also? for which sports and which Univ? is it USIM?

  7. my name is hudzaifah, and i will always become a bad person in hilal's writing,..

    and shubah knows why...

  8. ya allah, gambar ana zaman muda2 dulu,...

    skrg dah berkarat dah,...
    kat usim medic xda sapa main vball

  9. @mhuno

    I know why. because he envy your skills in volleyball. I hope he's not reading this.

    alasan sume tu jepah. dak usim ajak maen jual mahal. hehe

  10. Shu'bah jom main p.pong.hehe.
    Mcm mana pemilihan masum d buat?

    Ana dh baca VT.Watak nta n jepah ada.Aiman hassan pn ada.Smua bekas pemain VT matri ada..
    Tp watak ana x dak la..isk3..

  11. nabil, ana tau camna nak bagi ada nama anta, tulis la buku sendiri,..

    "Bahtera bakal berlabuh"- ukur kira...

    eh ni tajuk ana, nta pilih la tajuk ape2 janji ada DNT,..

    nama kami mmg ada, the three volleyballers who changed the world of M3VT...macam lebih2 je ni...


  12. @ukur kira:

    jom la maen ping pong. anta asyik ajak tp xmsg pon. anytime anywhere. Bring it on. ceh..hehe

    Ana pon plek nape watak anta xd. Padahal anta top spiker mase time Joe, hamzani dgn ikhwan dlu. sabar la ek..hehe

  13. @mhuno:

    haha. asyik bahtera je. Nabil lambat lg bahteranya sampai.

    Hilal xkan nk puji kite lebih2 pah. kang lari jln cite sbenar VT. dh bce bg ana lak.

  14. Salamz

    pergh, senior2 ana mengumpat ana kat sini rupanya. Patut la ana demam2 je kat sini.


    weh, watak korang mana jahat maa..
    Korang ni dihantui diri korang yang lama... ha3...(joke3...). Tak habis2 nak kata watak korang jahat. Cuba be proud sket. Kalau korang tak garang kan, camne ana nak jadi johan 2008? korang penyumbang terbesar maa..

    Jepah tak habis2 nak terasa r. Spike karang...

    Dalam citer VT tu, ada je watak korang. Baik2 sume. Soleh2 belaka. Ho2...

    Team VT 2004 tu, ana jadikan geng veteran dalam citer.

    to ukur kira: Sori r bro. Enta tak main volley, nak masukkan jadi watak sampingan pun cam tak kena. ha3...

    korang memang takleh puji lebih2, kang hancur.

    who changed the worlf of M3VT konon.. perasan seh....

    cam budak2 r korang. hu3...

    Jaga diri baik2 senior.

  15. Wassalam.

    bkan mengumpat. memuji anta dr blakang. kang kembang lebih lak. kire mcm promote VT la ni. haha

    ana tau anta mmg tulis yg elok2 je psl kami, kalau x kang kene spike...haha

    tak diberi peluang lg nk bc VT, tp dr ape yg org review, nk gak ana bce..dlu dh bce sket dlm blog anta..

    panjang betul komen anta. mmg sah la anta hilal, suke wat karangan. hehe

    thanks for dropping by and all the best. len kali leh wat pasal ana lg. hehe


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