My Dear Sisters in Islam

this is a message from Our Muslim brother to all Muslim sisters around the world. Sisters please take note. This task is for Muslimah. It is not a simple task, we know that. You can start by Da'wah Fardhiyyah. Know them personally and you can touch their heart. All the best. May Allah help you and reward your effort.

Thanks to atie for introducing this video.

note: If I can touch the heart of the non-Muslim, as well as the Muslimin, and make them closer to Allah, then I'll have no more regrets living in this world.

note2: Our clothes, our personality, our way of speaking and handling ourselves; these will be connected back to Islam. So, set a good example.

note3: I don't have any non-Muslim friends. If I have one, I'm not sure I'll be able to touch his heart even a little.


9 Responses to "My Dear Sisters in Islam"
  1. I've a lot of non-Muslim friends,
    but I've no idea whether I've ever done my job.

    I hope I did.

  2. same goes to me...i'm the only one in my course who wears 'tudung labuh' fact, the course that i'm studying rite now is challenging me to keep on track..i often slip from the line but there are friends who keep remind me and push me back on the track...

  3. @مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~

    Do it slowly. Insya ALlah. As far as I know, I think you did a good job, through your blog. I don't know in the real life but just don't give up. Allah will always be with you, with us.


    I understand it very well. It must be very hard for you to keep on the right track while managing the course. Even in UIslamA, same thing happens.

    That's why we need friends who are always supportive, always remind us of our job, always there for us. This job require more energy than we think. Do it together as it will ease your burdens.

  4. Salam

    mari fikirkan bersama,

    Ruginya kita, dah 50 thn merdeka tapi berapa ramai nonmuslim yg convert masuk Islam?

    Berapa ramai nonmuslim yg benar2 memahami Islam?

    Tatkala institusi agama tumbuh bagai cendawan, mengapa rates of murtad semakin meningkat?

  5. @Frank


    Setuju dgn pandangan saudara frank. Lalu apakah solution kita?

  6. Subhanallah... Syukran Bro Munsyi for this video.. i burst into tears once listening to the Bro's words.... i agree.. 100% agree.. lady's role in the Da'wa is really really important...
    me, living here in this non-muslim country.. allah has opened a lot of opportunity to know and be close to the non-muslims... and rigth now.. Allah has given me one whole British family as my mua'yyid.. they have put their trust to me.. just me.. with Allah bless need to be a bit more wise in order to preach islam to them in actions as well as words...
    Thus, i really
    Beg prayers from all of you, sis and bros.. cause, me wish to have jannah.. through this job.. the job of Da'wah ilallah...



    Allahuakbar. Our prayers will always be with you.

    Don't let this opportunity of Da'wah ilallah slips through your fingers. A little bit more effort will do to make sure you capture their heart totally and bring them to the light of Islam.

    May Allah open their heart. Amin

  8. Syukran 4 sharing..
    terus dan terus melangkah muslimin dan muslimah kerana tiada noktah utk itu..

    Kullukum rain wa kullukum masulun an raiyyathi..wa ila akhir ayah..

  9. @sinar_islami

    You're welcome. Insya Allah. Same2 melangkah.

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