Singapore ads!

credit: YouthSays. Click to see what it is all about.

Quote: "In the end, it's these small things that you remember. The little imperfections that make them perfect for you. So to my beautiful children, I hope that one day you too find yourselves life partners who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me."

Quote: "my father was a generous man, beyond his means. But the greatest gift he ever gave me was the gift of love."

note: I found these videos while browsing YouTube. I have seen many Petronas advertisements during 'Eid or Merdeka or New Year, but these videos had taught me something else. Well, different things give you different ideas, right. So, let's just enjoy it. Family first.

note2: Yesterday evening, after went to clinic because of flu and sore throat and while having my dinner, I received an SMS from syahidan. "there will be Kulliyah Bro. Azman after maghrib at Surau Engin". I thought of going. I really do. Finish my dinner, took my medicines and went to sleep so that I won't feel sleepy during Kuliyyah. wake to pray maghrib, still feel dizzy, continue sleeping. Wake up this Subuh feeling energized and a bit healthy but just remember I missed the kulliyah and Isya' prayer. *sigh*


11 Responses to "Singapore ads!"
  1. dizzy sebab penyakit ke ubat?,..hehe nice excuse xdatang program,...

    the imperfections make life very perfect for you,..hmmm

  2. @mhuno

    dizzy sbb ubat kot "this may cause drowsiness. if affected, do not drive or operate machinery". huhu.

  3. i've watched these ads before..from yasmin ahmad's blog..she is the one who's responsible in producing the be truth, most of her works really amazed me...though it was just a simple ads based on our culture, indeed she manage to pull out the beauty of it that other Malaysian would never realize.

    take care & get well soon...

  4. but, most of his/her works are controversial and always getting public's attention for his/her liberal idea and anti-islam sentiment..

    my 2 cents,..need more reading,..

    but indeed his/her works are phenomenal,..still i will not like them

  5. really??

    hm different people will have different ideas and views.. maybe it is bcoz i am an english literature student i c it differently according to my skills and knowledge..

    from what i learn and understand, literature is not just about sensitive sentiments and emphasizes on humanity and value. Most of her works possess those elements and for some reason she puts it that way to create variety.She wants people who watch her works to think critically and view it differently. Unfortunately most Malaysian people will jump into conclusion that her works create controversial issues, yet that's not happen in other region such as in Singapore.

    thank you for your opinion..I will read and learn more on that matter.

  6. couldnt watch the video.

    anyway.baguslah dah g jumpe doc for the flu.
    risau gak skang ni flu bukan flu biase ag.
    take care, may u get well soon insyaAllah.


  7. @مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~

    why? maybe you didn't install the flash player or whatnot. If you can watch videos on YouTube, then you can definitely watch it here.

    hmm..thanks for the do'a. tu la, risau sbb byk sgt flu skang, cepat2 g jumpe doc. Die xckp lak sbb pe, tp yg penting bkan swine flu.
    xpenah g mexico or any infected countries in the past 2-3 months.I think it should be OK soon.

  8. @mhuno

    Yasmin Ahmad is a she. and yes, her way of presenting her ideas sometimes cause controversy and debate among thinkers and scholars. Well, why don't we take the good part of it and leave the bad part.

    Still, that does not mean we like her works and support her way of thinking. Know your enemy before you attack them. that's a good strategy to win the heart of the Liberal thinkers.

  9. @4142062339832412436.0

    what's important is that when it comes to our belief, we are concern about it. Don't just be a bystander and do nothing. We can change them. That is when the role of Da'ie @ blogger comes into play. We can write about it, discuss, learn and understand better about any topic.

    thanks for discussing this matter and if you guys have any other information or argument, I don't mind if you discuss it here. It's the purpose of creating this blog initially.

  10. huhu.. may be i'm a bit late for this post.. but, i really touched by the videos.. thanx, bro!

    well, regarding Yasmin Ahmad... erm.. dealing with English.. Often, we have to be a careful, havent we?
    coz.. Islam vs Jahiliyah.. the rule is..
    take islam, leave jahiliyah.. take jahiliyah.. no more Islam... isn't that?

    wallahua'lam.. sekadar memberi pandangan...

    Semoga semua dalam rahmat kasih Allah...


  11. @SERVANT

    Thanks for the comment. It is never too late. You're welcome.

    Yes. We should be careful when it comes to this matter. Islam & Jahiliyyah cannot be together. they can never be.

    Thanks for the Do'a and take care. Allah bless you always

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