Ummi Halimaton

I hope it's not to late to express my condolences for the loss of Ummi Halimaton.

May 14th, 2009, 6.45pm.

I just finished my volleyball training at Masum UUM when suddenly I received lots of messages. All mentioned about Ummi. She had just passed away. I couldn't control myself. For the first time, in front of my team members, I lower my face and cried. I just receive the news about Ummi being ICUed because of dengue the other day. Now, She's gone. 14/5/09, 6.15pm.

So, I decided to attend her funeral at M3 the next day, together with Meor Amin and Umaimah. As I expected, many people came down to Perlis to join the Solah Jenazah. Her students, ex-students, her fellow teachers, Sahabat and Sahibah from all parts of Malaysia. Even my Abah Al-fadhil Ust Dahlan Md Zain, the husband, my highschool's (M3) Headmaster, Ummi's husband, delivered a short speech before we perform the Solah Jenazah. He puts a smile on his face but deep down, who knows. I think, he's Redha with the test. I could never be like him. Strong.

Al- Fatihah.Blogger اللهم اغفرلها وارحمها~

Ummi Halimaton, Our dearest teacher, mother, motivator. My Malay language teacher. Eventhough I'm not as close to her as my Brother, Amru, or my junior, Hilal, or even the girls at M3, but, She has taught me lot. Not just about BM, but also about life. Everytime I visit M3, I will meet her and ask her how she's doing. She will smile and said everything is fine and start asking about myself, my life, education etc. To think back at those precious time with her make me sad.

May Allah bless her soul and put her among Assolihin and those who protect and uphold HIS deen. Amin.

Here are the videos at her funeral on Youtube.
part 1
part 2

the speech from Al fadhil Ust. Dahlan and tazkirah from Ust. Omar Hj. Salleh
Bg Am

and here are some related post about her.
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reading others write about her, makes me sure about one thing. She is very special to us, her students. One of a kind. She left this world leaving behind her love and knowledge for her students, and the students are now struggling with their studies, hoping to achieve their dream, Her dream.

"If it is possible, I want all of my students to leave M3 after SPM. Got accepted into Universities inside or outside Malaysia. Learn and got a degree in various field. So that people will know, M3 is a place where we teach not only about Akhirat, but also about Worldly affairs. and when you succeed, people will see what Muslim really made of. "

note: today, I received another message about the death of Mohsin, adopted son of Dr. Ismail Jusoh. May Allah forgive his soul. Innalillahi wainna Ilaihi Raji'un.

note2: Lately, I've been having the same dream about death. Am I ready to be taken by Allah? Will I ever be? Forgive my sins, Ya Allah.

**updated: Blog by Ustazah Amani, Ummi's daughter, memories with our late Ummi Halimaton.


6 Responses to "Ummi Halimaton"
  1. Ummi~May Allah SWT elevate her status and unite her with syuhada' wa ambiya in Jannah..Ameen

    My deepest and sincerest condolences go to Mohsein's family~May Allah bless his soul

  2. @sinar_islami

    Amin. Ya rabbal 'Alamin.

  3. how I envy Ummi. Think of all the jariah deeds that she had done, insyaAllah, she will be among the shuhada, ameen. If only I could be like her, even in one tiny bit of amal....Allahu Akbar!

  4. @aunty meen

    Amin. Ummi will always be in our heart & our prayers. I'm sure you can be like her, aunty meen. Courage is all you need.

    I also hope me, myself can be like her, setting good example to my future students, children.

    Insya ALlah

  5. h0w arr0gant i am..
    when u advised me..
    i just smile n said "thnks ummi"
    but i let ur advised g0 through ma mind..
    but n0w..
    i realized that i need ur advise..
    to face dis w0rld ummmi..
    is that very diffclt to make me conscious??
    why must sacrifice ur soul..
    then i awake..
    i would nvr let it go worse..
    i pr0mise u n ama...
    i miss u b0th.. so much

  6. @Ihsan

    May Allah bestow His eternal love of Iman and Islam for us both and for all mankind.

    we've fell once or twice. But things are going to change from now on. We must strive for His love. Ummi and Ammar had left this world when they are close to Allah. I also hope that when I'm gonna die, my heart & soul are close to Him like them. Ameen~

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