What Muslim woman should know


Okay, just another copy-&-paste article from my dear blogger friend, atie. She had listed down few things on what muslim woman should know, based on her knowledge and experiences. It is mainly for Muslimah but let's just read, ponder and learn.


Again, in upgrading Muslim woman's prestige, here I am, sharing with u, some simple stuffs which I think they might be helpful and beneficial. Come girls, respect ourselves before we want to be respected!.

  • The first thing that the Muslim woman needs to know is how to read the Qur'an properly (with tajwid), and to understand its meaning.[i don't mean the whole alQuran is to be perfectly understood, the EFFORTS that Allah counts insyaAllah]

  • Then she should learn something of the sciences of hadith, the history of the Prophet (PBUH), and the history of the women of the Sahabah and Tabi`in, who are prominent figures in Islam.[AS MUCH AS SHE COULD.again, I don't mean the ENTIRE seerah Nabawiyah is to be known well.Ala, u can zealously study the life of Rihannan Christ Brown, then why don't u imply the skills in this matter?]

  • She should acquire as much knowledge of fiqh as she needs to ensure that her worship and daily dealings are correct, and she should ensure that she has a sound grasp of the basic principles of her religion.

  • Then she should direct her attention to her primary specialty in life, which is to take proper care of her house, husband, family and children, for she is the one whom Allah (SWT) has created specially to be a mother and to give tranquility and happiness to the home. She is the one to whom Islam has given the immense responsibility of raising intelligent and courageous children.

Hence there are many proverbs and sayings nowadays which reflect the woman's influence on the success of her husband and children in their working lives, such as,
"Look for the woman,"
"Behind every great man is a woman,"
"The one who rocks the cradle with her right hand rocks the world with her left,"

No woman can do all of that unless she is open-minded and intelligent, strong of personality and pure of heart. So she is more in need of education, correction and guidance in forming her distinct Islamic personality.

It is unwise for woman's education to be precisely the same as that of men.

  • There are some matters that concern women only, that men cannot deal with; and there are matters that concern men only, that women cannot deal with. There are things for which women were created, and others for which men were created, and each person should do that for which he or she was created, as the Prophet (PBUH) taught.

  • When the Muslim woman seeks to learn and specialize in some field, she should bear in mind the Islamic teaching regarding her intellectual, psychological and social make-up, so that she will prepare herself to fulfill the basic purpose for which she was created, and will become a productive and constructive member of her family, society and ummah, not an imitation of men, competing with them for work and taking up a position among men, as we see in those societies which do not differentiate between males and females in their educational curricular and employment laws.

  • Whatever a woman's academic specialty is, she tries to understand it thoroughly and do her work perfectly, in accordance with the teaching of the Prophet (PBUH):

"Allah (SWT) loves for any of you, when he does something, to do it well."

Allahua'lam. Let's practice!.huu~

my note: Woman are special creation created by Allah. They have big responsibilities given by Allah. Rising up her sons and serving her husband etc etc. Only those who are strong-willed manage to handle the Amanah well. Some of them will fail halfway. It is then our task as a man/a husband to give them courage, guidance and motivation so that they know, they are not alone in handling the task. Wallahua'lam

note2: I met a friend of mine the other day in LRT. Not a close friend but we do remember each others name. He's with this Niqabed girl with black jubah. He asked me where I am going and I answered KLCC. I asked him back the same question and he replied "I am going to the Bus station to send my wife. She's going back to Johore". "I didn't know you already married". He smile. At that time, deep inside my heart, I feel a sudden pain. Will I get the chance marry someone as Solehah as her(I'm assuming she's wearing the niqab for her husband) ?. Will I be able to guide my *wife* to the true teaching of Islam like him? Or will I be dragged down with her instead? Wallahua'lam.

credit: atie


6 Responses to "What Muslim woman should know"
  1. InsyaAllah u will but if only u prepare urself with all the knowledge...

    prepare urself if u hope for the same things to happen to ur partner..if u want the best from her then u have to be the best first..if u want her to be as perfect as she can be..then make urself perfect in the first place..

    good muslim is for a good muslimah..thats Allah's promise..InsyaAllah..all u need to do are efforts, doa and tawakkal..then He will decide for u..

  2. @Atiqah

    Thanks. I know that. It just that sometimes, I feel insecure. I'm afraid I will not be able to handle it. I'll try my best to grab all the knowledge and be prepared.

    Thanks again for your encouraging comment.

  3. Best post to read... May I keep it in my blog too? ^_^

  4. @Nurul

    thanks. you are encourage to spread the words of Islam. just give the credit and a link back to me and the author, atie. thank you very much

  5. best posting ni!
    buat diriku terkesima sketika mmbacanya..
    Ya Allah,
    banyak benda nk kna islahh lagi ni..
    syukron ya ats prkongsian.

    ya akh,
    atthoiyibuna lit thoiyibaat..
    janji ALLAH ini pasti!

  6. @miss GAZA

    thank you very much for your comment. It is a reminder for all of us. your post for Kaum ADam tu pon best. thanks 4 sharing.

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