I want her to be mine.. :P


The topic might caught your attention, so I'll just leave it like that. This post is gonna be about my dream to have soleh/solehah children. I bet you guys also have the same dream.

First thing that comes to our mind when we talk about having children is marriage. Marriage is not a simple topic to be taken for granted. You need to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and financially before thinking about getting marriage. But it is not that hard once you've prepared yourself with knowledges about them. Like what she said about marriages = death.

After got married, and having children, there's another responsibility that was given by Allah, only to the parents and that is educating the children with Islamic teachings and shower them with love. Children were born sinless and their hearts were as white as snow. The parents are the one who change them, either to become good or a bad person. Wallahua'lam.

“Apabila mati seseorang anak Adam, maka terputuslah segala amalannya kecuali 3 perkara iaitu ilmu yang memberi manfaat, doa anak yang soleh dan solehah serta amal jariah”

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort" - sinar_Islami

note: pic 1 & 3 was taken during Walk in Town, courtesy of Mhuno. pic 2 was from my collection of children from all over the world. The little girl in pic 3 is a daughter of an Indian couple. She's so cute that I decided to snap her lovely face in the LRT. Children are indeed very innocent.

note2: I hope, one day, if I was given a chance to have children, I can shower them with love and proper Islamic teachings, just like my parent did. and they will turn out soleh/solehah and treat me and their mother with care when we get old.

note3: I was blog hopping when I came across some of my friends' blogs displaying pictures of cute children and how they wish to have one. I'm just following their steps, in a hope that my dream will someday come true. Insya Allah.

credit to the parent of the girl in pic 2.:21:


12 Responses to "I want her to be mine.. :P"
  1. :D

    i wish my children will be even cuter than them hehe.

    but i agree, d most important thing is the faith.
    without it, im sure that they wont be able to take care of the parents nicely.


  2. i'm wish the same too..em..

    but can I b a good mum? :)

  3. insyaAllah.. a soleh husband just for a solehah & bayt muslim..

  4. Nice lah.. Semoga impian anda menjadi kenyataan.. ^^,

  5. @مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~

    You wish! We'll see about that. That is if the father was cuter than me. lala~ (astaghfirullah)

    yes, no matter how cute your children are, if they neglect their duties when you got old, they don't really receive proper teachings.



    Yes, you can be a good mum if you try.

    "educating your child is tough. It needs determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort."

    The only way is to give them proper understanding about Islam.

  6. @Qalam Khairunnisa

    Insya Allah. Let us strive to become soleh and solehah servant of Allah.



    Yup. Thanks for the wish.

    Don't you wish to have on too? I know you do. :P

  7. Nice Post =)

    the topic really caught my attention..

    Tahniah ulasan yg menarik..

    yeap me to0..really wanna have an 'usrah' full of mawaddah wa rahmah....dare to dream..so we must dare to prepared..wellprepared I mean..

    Moga yg diidam2kan jadi kenyataan..
    Moga Allah permudahkn jalannya..

  8. Apsal BI budak2 kat sini semua hancus2 termasuk aku?huahaha

    Tajuk pun dah salah grammar dah tu...patut "I want.." je la...atau "I wanna"..kalau i wanted maknenye ko dah tanak benda tu...hehe

  9. @sinar_Islami

    Yup. Everyone wish for the best in their life. It's just a matter of willing to work hard to prepare.



    ak mmg dh post "I want". tp rase cm lain jek, so I just stick with "I wanted". Now I know, it's wrong. akan tukar. jgn risau.

    Thanks a lot.

  10. somoga saudara mendapat apa yang dicita-citakan.

    Tapi jika mahukan anak yang soleh, kenelah cari isteri yang solehah dan kalau nak cari yang solehah kita sebagai lelaki kene la jadi soleh dulu. Betul:)

    Semuanya bermula dengan kita.

  11. @fareast

    trima kasih.

    setuju. hanya kita dpt ubah apa yg ada dlm diri kita. Berubah kpd yg lebih baik. Insya Allah.

  12. when u get married. remember inviting obachan taw?? hehe ^^

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