What I've been up to last week..

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It's been a while since the last time I update this blog, other than the previous promotion post. To be frank, I'm a bit busy struggling with my life right now. There are tutoring job at Janda Baik, Decision Science class, volleyball training, D&T and other things that need to be taken care of.

Just for the last week, I've been traveling to and from JB for 4 days; Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, for the tutoring job since there's no DS class for the whole weekdays. The lecturer was too busy with his work at UM (I'm not sure bout this) and postponed all the weekdays classes to last Saturday (combining all the contact hours making a total grand of about 6-8 hours).

So, me and Safwan (who is also a tutor at JB), we decided to do tuition class on these 2 days. After all, the students (the villagers of JB) are now enjoying their holiday. I'm teaching Mathematics SPM & Science PMR while Safwan teaches Geography PMR & Science SPM.

Long story short, we went there by motorcycle. Since I don't have a motorcycle driving license, Safwan drove all the way to and from JB. The journey seems so long that I felt so sleepy even though I'm still on the road (I'm known for my unique sleeping techniques). You can imagine how exhausted we were after came back to UIA. That's for Tuesday & Wednesday.

On Friday, I got DS mid-term examination. I'm not gonna elaborate much about this. I just feel so stupid because I did many simple mistakes and for not scoring this easy subject.

On Saturday & Sunday, we still got tuition classes during the day and on Saturday night, there was this Haluan Family Day's talk we need to attend. It was held in UKM, Bangi. Again, by riding safwan's magical bike, we managed to go and return safely.

The topic of the talk was Baitul Muslim, delivered by Pc Rosdi Baharom, moderatored by Pc Afif. When we arrived at the hall, the talk was already started. I was watching at the back of the hall when suddenly Pc Halim Kudri pulled me to the front seats. Feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable at the same time, I continue listening to the talk and the feelings settled down after hearing the points made by Pc Rosdi. The Haluan family day was held in UKM for 3 days starting Friday. Maybe some of the audiences thought that I came just to hear about this topic. I don't really care, though. Slept at UKM that night and leave for UIA and JB the next day, again, by motorcycle.

Now, here I am, telling my fellow friends about what I've been up to last week, at 1.45 in the morning, ignoring the fact that I still have another tuition class tomorrow morning at 10 at Janda Baik. Wink

That's all for now. Please pray for my safety, guys.

note: Mhuno will be posting for 3weeks in Temerloh. He SMSed, while on his way to Temerloh, telling me about that and asking me to pray for him, and also this " I stopped to eat when suddenly I feel like throwing up. Maybe I am infected by your anorexic symptoms." I just smiled. I do have the symptom. I've told Mhuno before and he said it is anorexia. I don't think it is. Any other opinion from those who are taking medicine?

note2: Janda Baik is a peaceful village. The air is fresh and cold wind blows every morning. It is much colder than Gombak maybe because of higher land structure, just like Genting.

note3: got to end this post here. I'm thinking of posting something about suicide and smoking. I'll do it when I'm free, Insya Allah.


11 Responses to "What I've been up to last week.."
  1. Semoga selamat dalam perjalanan pergi dan balik.. amin..

    Bagusnya ajar tuition kat budak kg.. semoga usaha murni anda dan kawan anda dirahmati-Nya.. amin.. All the best..

  2. good for you for spending your time wisely. Being busy with something as beneficial is really a rahmah to be thanked for. Alhamdulillah. rememner, fitnah masa lapang adalah sangat merbahaya. Just be careful.

  3. @Nurul

    Thank you for your Do'a and best wishes. I'll try to do my best in teaching these students. They just need someone to help them with their studies.


    Thanks for the reminder. I'll always keep it in mind. I'm glad I still have friends who keep reminding me when I'm at lost.


  4. tired for something beneficial onwards..wish u all da best..

  5. Alhamdulillah, I'm a little bit jelous to knw how you spending your time with those stuff...managing your time in a good way...contribute to nation & ummah..it make me really wanna go home immediately and went to matri (addicted with teaching.. ahaks..) ,meeting my frenz..

    May Allah bless & assist u alwayz..
    We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. i think your are now apart of it..Teruskan mengisi masa lapang yg ada..

    ps::erm..tak nak kongsi pengisian pc rosdi..??pasti sgt berharga inputnya..

  6. assalamualaikum,

    sugoi~ (hebat)

    keep it up.
    i want your determination spirit too..

    (>_<)envy in a good way .

  7. @Atiqah

    Yup. I'm totally exhausted, but it feels good after seeing the faces of my students(my brothers & sisters) when they understood my teachings.

    Jazakillah for the wish.



    I'm no better than you when it comes to teaching. You should come home once a while and teach MATRI's students. I bet, you're good at it. hehe

    thanks for the compliment and the do'a. Actually I've taught about sharing the contents of the talk here but the long journey home seems to erase everything. I'll try to check my memory back or ask some of the Sahabat.


    @tun izyan dalila


    Is it your 1st time coming here? Thanks for leaving comment and encouragement.

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu. Gambaremasu.

  8. seronoknya melihat shbt2 buat keje 'gile-gile' naikkan Islam....May Allah bless ur effort...

    benarlah kata2 pepatah arab:

    ركود الماء يفسده فراغ الشباب يقتله

    " Statiknya air akan merosakkannya, statiknya pemuda (dgn masa lapang) akan membunuhnya "

    P/S : 2nd opinion; nta mengandung ke shu'bah?...hehe

  9. @Zaid

    salam my friend. I didn't hear a news from you for a long time. Thanks for dropping by.

    Sumbangan Ana kurang daripada nta. Tak banyak yg ana sumbang utk Islam & DnT. Kalau tak isi masa2 terluang, yg bkan Islam akan mengisi ruang yg ada, tanpa kita sedari.

    p/s: adoi, sorang ckp anorexia sorang lak ckp mengandung. Yg pasti bkan mengandung la. hehe :P

  10. ana bukanlah hebat macam antum2 smua..
    masing2 Allah cipta dgn kepandaian yang berbeza-beza..
    Still byk bnda ana kena belajar dari antum..

    ps: anta mengandung..fakta menarik tu..bila dr. zaid dah mendiagnose..

  11. @sinar_islami

    ye la. anti dgn kepandaian anti. So, apa penyakit ana? hehe. kan amik medicine gak.

    Don't believe the diagnosis. tell me your diagnosis. Is it curable?

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