8th Kotoba: "Life is.."

"Life is like building Pyramides. Maybe you don`t know where to place the next brick, but sometimes you just have to look back to realize how high you`ve already built"

Model: Cdek JR
Photographer: ME
Editor: MhuNo


4 Responses to "8th Kotoba: "Life is..""
  1. after i build so high..
    i looked down..
    n im afraid..
    its so high..

    n smtimes pe0ple says..
    don't fly so high..
    if u fall down its so hurt...

    but f0r me..
    take a risk n be confident in what ever you do..
    people smtimes just blame u in what they are don't know.. its hear stupid rite..
    but its reality..
    we live n share this world with this sick pe0ple..

    just ign0re them..
    they r stupid..
    rite syu'bah =)

  2. Salam-

    yerp,keep trying to be brave.
    to be brave - we must fight wif "mr.afraid" ^^


  3. Life is a decision making process

  4. @criestz

    sometimes people are stupid because they are afraid to learn something new,afraid to go out of the box, afraid to go out from their comfort zone. As a Da'ie, it is our job to teach them.


    @arnamee & fareast

    that's very true.

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