and they're off to Sheffield, UK..

My Eldest Brother, Bg Khalid on His Graduation Day
Bismillah. Salam.

I've been busy since the starting of this new semester. Need to get the signatures from lecturers to add desired subjects manually because, either the sections are closed or any other related problems. Plus, this is my first semester I need to exceed my workload, which is in the end, has no effect as I still need to extend a semester (I just realize this after arranged my study plan *sigh*).

Last Thursday.
I dropped the added subject (Automotive Styling) using online system to add Internal Combustion Engine after being scolded by Mr Moh for not taking the subject when it is a co-requisite for Automotive Lab III. and guess what, the subject cannot be added. It displayed Exceed Workload, again. Slightly frustrated, I switched off my Laptop and get prepared to leave for Melaka that night (to send my parents and my aunt to airport the next day).

Back to the main topic. My parents and my aunt are now in United Kingdom, or to be more specific, University of Sheffield until the 25th July. They're going to attend Amru's (my second brother) graduation day on 24th. He finished his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from this university.

As far as I can remember, I don't think my parents have ever been to overseas to spend their time alone. I mean 'honeymoon'. Because at the time they got married, they're still doing their diploma and my eldest brother was born in 1984, 2 years after the marriage. Soon after that, 7 more sons were born and I am the 3rd to arrive to this world.

Bg Amru in UK

I hope they're enjoying this journey to celebrate my brother's graduation and take good care of their health while they are there. The other day, Umie called from UK mentioning about Abah's foot, he hurt his legs because of walking to much. I can imagine how hurt he must have felt.

"Dear Abah & Umie, Please enjoy this precious time together, please take care of your health and don't worry about the house and us. and also bring back some souvenirs for me too."

I pray for their safety in UK and a safe journey back home. Insya Allah. Pray with me, guys, Thanks.


16 Responses to "and they're off to Sheffield, UK.."
  1. congrats to ur bro!!

    hmmm.bertuah beliau.

    i miss UK so much!

  2. nest year will be my time..cant wait for the day...

  3. *ops wrong year

  4. bila nak p sekali shubah?,...bukan dah janji someday we will go oversea together,..hope the time will come,...(with spouse perhaps?)

  5. is he doin his master straight away after degree?

    so good n nice...dream a lots to be there....

  6. @.Cik Nana.

    Thanks. Aik, br balik dh rindu ke? smbung blaja sane la cik nana. :)



    Wah. All the best. Future educator ni.


    @AdeLaide NinaSe

    No la. I don't want to go. I still got classes and want to give them some time alone.(pdhal mmg nk g pon..hehe)



    Not just yet. wait till the time comes. Of course I still remember. With spouses sound good. Insya Allah.



    yup. If I'm not mistaken la.

    Well, it's good to have such dreams. It makes us feel energized to grab that dreams.

  7. owh...he had told me bout double degree (arch n engin) long time ago...
    but for not really fast learner like me, it might be difficult...

    yes...good to have a good as sleep..heee...

    **buy my cuppies during SKEMA nnti yer...

  8. sempat lg promote cuppies..huhu

  9. correction..I am not going to end up as an Educator becoz basically and technically my course is more into advertising and journalism world..and perhaps could jump into legal field...after all thanks for the Doa..

    SKEMA nnt de nk jual cuppies ke? wah bestnye...I've been longing for quite some time to eat cuppies..

  10. bdk engine ke? amek major apa?

    btw, smbg master kat sheffield la.. :)

  11. mesti la...
    where there is an opportunity i'll grab it!! heee...

    to atiqah:-
    ade cuppies...beli bebnyak ek...

    **by the way, to muNsyi, msg smlm 2, wanna tell u to make an annoucement mase meeting psl pemergian SIR...but dunno what do u mean by dh.... -_-

  12. nak nak!
    sambung master eh?heh
    tp kalo ade org nak support blaja sane bley la..

  13. @Atiqah

    Everybody is an educator. It just sometimes we just don't realize that. Be it engineer, lawyer, doctor, we are actually educating people around us with our job and our actions. Da'ie is a person who educate people with proper knowledge of Islam. Don't you think so? Wallahua'lam.


    @Basuh Baju

    a'a.bdk engine major in automotive. mmg ingat nk smbung oversea. Insya Allah klu xde hlgn.



    dah means dah dbuat. Sidek and Nabil dh buat.


    @.Cik Nana.

    mintak Mara support ke. xpon Pama. result kn ok. Insya Allah boleh.

  14. alhamdulillah,

    semoga kalian berjaya dunia dan akhirat.

    semoga kalian menjadi penyejuk mata ayah dan bonda.

    semoga kalian terus menjadi jundi-jundi Allah yang menegakkan kalimahNya di muka bumi ini, hingga ke hujung nyawa.

    Ameen, ya Rabbal 'alamin.

  15. @Aunty Meen

    Ameen. Jazakillah for the doa. Insya Allah. Gambarimasu.

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