English, New Room and my target...


A quick post before going to class today.

English. will post about this language soon. But not sure when. In order to do that,now , I'm enjoying myself reading some English-written blogs to improve my skills in English writing. One of them is wun's and several others. and some novels by Mitch Albom, JK Rowling, Harper Lee and Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

The PPSMI topic is still hot despite the implementation of the new policy will only begin in 2012. I enjoy reading the comments and opinions. It means, like aunty meen said," people do care".

New room. Bilal residential college has finished upgrading the facilities; new colour, new furnitures, new look. Eager to start new semester in new room, me and my roommates chose a room in block A to get a good coverage of free IIUM wireless. But alas, the coverage is still low and unstable. The good thing is our room is just beside the cafe. It's more convenience to go grab something to eat and whatnot. Plus, it's nearer to my Faculty (13 minutes by foot from the previous 15 mins).

My Target. No specific target. But one thing for sure, I'm gonna do my best. No more slacking. No more playing. Oh, Please pray for my success. Good Luck? No. Just with ALLAH'S HELP. I envy those coursemates who have already entered the level 4 while me, still struggling in level 3.

Ok. Today's class starts at 10. Maybe just an introduction to the subject but still I need to attend this one.

p/s: This morning, Adib texted me "wei, korg x amek cs ke?". Me,"x, puad pon dh drop". So, He'll be taking the subject alone this semester. StickingOutTongue


5 Responses to "English, New Room and my target..."
  1. does the 2 minute saving make any difference?

  2. totto chan!!! Ahhhhh I read that book when I am 13yo!!!!! One of most memorable book that I ever read!!!

  3. mabruk to Munsyi! Of course that 2 minutes count, look at the japanese, why not be like them? always conscious with their time!remember what aunty meen wrote?

  4. @kyo_9

    arigatou na~



    yes. a very big difference. perhaps, a life changing difference.



    hehe. So, I'm outdated ke? xpela, baru nk bertatih konsistenkn membaca.


    @Aunty Meen

    Yes. thanks Aunty. I'll try my best to be conscious with my time. thanks again.

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