Is engineering really for people that hate math?


New semester is just around the corner. After reading Nabil Jamil's post on his preparation for the upcoming semester digesting the new subjects and cik Nana's post about how thrilled she is to start going to class again, I decided to write something about it.

Of course, being busy as I am right now, I'll just copy & paste articles, as usual. So, I googled around for article that is related to my field, Engineering. The topic is again just a mere gimmick. Before reading further, why don't we enjoy the video first.

Like in all jobs, engineers come in all shapes and sizes. No one quality will make you a good engineer. Engineering is a field that requires many people with different skills to work together to solve complex problems. There's no precise formula that will tell you if you have what it takes, but here are some personal qualities that will help you become a successful engineer.

Analytical Skills

We make decisions everyday, but the decision engineers make may determine if a bridge can hold a car or if it will collapse under its own weight. That's why engineers have to be able to analyze a situation and see the factors involved that will help in making informed decisions.

Problem Solving Skills

Engineers make a living by applying knowledge in ways that can benefit people. In the real world, it's not always that easy. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When they run into dead ends, engineers have to find better ways of doing things or come up with a totally different approach. The ability to solve problems is key part of engineering.

Communication Skills

Like in any other job, engineers have to be able to get along with others. Engineers must talk to other engineers to effectively solve problems. No one, no matter how smart, can do everything by themselve. Two heads are better than one. An engineer also have to talk to the public to make sure their needs are met.

Proficiency in Math and Science

Math is the tool engineers use to develop solutions to problems while science is like a giant pool that engineers can pull ideas from. These ideas eventually become used to make people lives better. You don't have to be a genius. You just have to be comfortable with math and science.

Interest in Engineering

However, the most important thing required to be successful engineer is an genuine interest in engineering and the desire to excel. There's nothing worse than having to put up with years doing a job that you hate.


An interest in engineering is always not enough. You probably will face many obstacles on the path to a career in engineering and you probably won't always enjoy the challenges thrown at you, but you can't just give up. You have to be determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. As a female, you may have to go through more to get what you want as you encounter stereotypes and ignorance, but that does not mean that you are not capable of being a good engineer. It's all a matter of setting a goal and sticking with it through good and bad times.

Don't let someone tell you can't be an engineer. Engineering is a field wide enough for people of all types.

credit: farihinasnur

"Everyone could be considered as an engineer because we design and build our path of life. So, be a good engineer "
syafiq azhari

note: I always write something before entering new semester about getting A's and stuff but it never happen. Yup. I wonder why. The only subject that is easy to score was skills *sigh*, and it doesn't carry much credits (only 0.5).

note2: Tips or methods on getting A's without much effort are most welcomed. How I wish things were as easy as in primary school. (ya,you wish)

note3: For the love of God, I paid my Univ. fees for one whole year beforehand and I still cannot view my result! Why? I'm gonna sue this univ.

note4 (Read: Important!!) : Pre-Registration for level 3 is tonight at 12!! click here to check and here to start.


5 Responses to "Is engineering really for people that hate math?"
  1. huuu
    me dah pre regis...
    Alhamdulillah dapat apa yang nak. harap takde pertukaran jadual lagi.

  2. salam..
    i didnt watch the video...but the article about engineers is interesting...:)

    in doing we must keep in mind is always predict the worst case scenario...because we never have precise formula to say how to do for every single thing..& every thing is always different from one another...its all about assumption....but the scary thing is when few minor thing gone wrong & combine to give disaster....

    about interest in engineering, for me & some of my friends....i don't think we have that kind of interest, yet we didn't hate engineering to stop pursuing it...yup, persistance may be the word...but after all....when it comes to all back to our nawaitu in working or doing things, what i mean is whether we doing it as ibadah or just doing it to get money....

    for me, engineering is not that hard as what people think yet not that easy as well, it just the same as other subject or field....its back to us to make ourself the best in what we are doing....

    gambatte for new semester....used the time wisely coz this is the biggest chance to learns thing :)

  3. salam.

    vid tu best.lawak n suspend.
    Article yg bagus.

    Mnyesal tak amik engineering?Tp nta mmg melengkapi ciri2 engineer tu.

    Smga mnjadi engineer muslim,mu'min dan ada sumbangan pd islam, Insya Allah.

  4. salam...
    my new semester has we had our first class becoz there was an orientation session for 1st year students at the school a couple of days ago...
    the first class was awesome..I am really looking forward to enjoy every moment in the class..we are going to study about literature and media...
    in ur previous entry,about Singaporean advertisement, i did say something about the relation of the ads and the literature..and now, I will learn about it in deep as well as learning and producing our own kind of ads that will leave values using the literary elements. isn't that great???
    If engineers make a living by applying knowledge in ways that can benefit people, while literary figures like us will use it to educate people the right ways and values to follow..we are more into humanization than mechanization,it's all a matter of how we apply the knowledge into something that can benefit others and ourselves. and the most thing, it is about how we appreciate Allah's creation because every single part of the world is belong to Him.

  5. @Hikari neechan

    owh. Advance nye dah level 4. I still merangkak2 nk naik level 4. sedih & malunye. huhu~



    The video is hilarious. try to watch it when you're free.

    Thanks Hurul Aini neesan for the reminders and wish. Gambarimasu. Insya Allh, I'll try to use my time wisely this upcoming semester.


    @ukur kira

    X menyesal. cuma always thinking I can do better in other field. wallahua'lam. Ye ke lengkap ciri2 tu? people often told me I have a face of a medical student. haha

    Insya Allah. I'll try my best. Thanks Nabil.



    Masya Allah. I think you are taking a course based on your own interest and you're enjoying it. That's very good.

    Literary figures are more to educate people while us more to help make things easier for people.

    But in the end of the day, Allah will look at our intention. Let's strive for mardhatillah! insya Allah.

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