Science And Maths In BM And Mother Tongue In 2012 [BERNAMA]

Salam. News Update on PPSMI issues.For those who have not read about why I oppose the PPSMI, please read this post first.

PUTRAJAYA, July 8 (Bernama) -- The teaching and learning of science and mathematics in national schools will revert to the Malay language effective 2012.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the teaching and learning of the two subjects in Chinese and Tamil national-type schools would be carried out in their respective mother tongue.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Education Minister, said the cabinet today approved the suggestion by the ministry to empower the Malay language and strengthen the teaching and learning of the English language at all levels of schooling.

"This strategy was drawn up based on the study and monitoring carried out by the Education Ministry on the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English since the policy was implemented in 2003," he said when making the announcement at the Education Ministry, here on Wednesday.

The first group of students who studied science and mathematics in the English language since Year One sat for their Ujian Penilian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) last year.

Muhyiddin said the implementation of the policy of using the Malay language in the teaching of the two subjects would be carried out in stages in Year One and Year Four in the primary school and Form One and Form Four in the secondary school beginning in 2012.

However, he said, the change would not involve students in Form Six and matriculation class.

He said in order to ensure that the implementation of the new strategy did not affect the achievement of students who were taught the two subjects in English, the teaching of and examination for the two subjects would be conducted in both languages until the last batch of students who were taught in English completed in 2014.

He said the government made the decision after scrutinising the outcome of studies and surveys carried out on the teaching and learning of the two subjects in English which showed that it could not be implemented as desired.

"What is implemented is the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English/Malay languages," he said.

Muhyiddin said monitoring by the ministry last year found that only a small group of teachers were using English language fully in the teaching of science and mathematics.

"On the average, the percentage of English usage is between 53 and 58 per cent out of the total time allotted for science and mathematics," he said.

In addition, he said, only a small group of mathematics and science teachers in secondary and primary schools who took the English language Proficiency Level Evaluation test last year achieved the proficiency level.

He said the precentage of students who scored grades A, B, and C for the science subject in the UPSR last year had dropped from 85.1 per cent to 82.5 per cent for the urban schools and from 83.2 per cent to 79.7 per cent for rural schools.

"For mathematics, the achievement of urban schools dropped from 84.8 per cent to 80.9 per cent while the achievement of rural students dropped from 80.9 per cent to 77 per cent," he said.

He said the gap in achievement between urban and rural schools in science and mathematics was becoming wider when the PPSMI (teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English) was implemented.

Muhyiddin said the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study 2007 also stated that the position of Malaysian students in the science subject had deteriorated from the 20th spot in 2003 to the 21st spot in 2007.

"For mathematics, the position of our students deteriorated from the 10th spot in 2003 to 20th spot in 2007," he said.

He said studies by local universities revealed that the level of improvement in the command of the English language by students was nominal, that is, not more than three per cent throughout the implementation of the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English.

"The command of the English language among students, particularly in the rural areas, was still low making it difficult for them to understand the teaching of mathematics and science in English," Muhyiddin said.

Based on this observation, he said, the government was convinced that science and mathematics must be taught in the language that could be easily understood by the students, namely Bahasa Malaysia in the national schools, Chinese in the national-type Chinese schools and Tamil in the national-type Tamil schools.


note: duh!! we told you so.


15 Responses to "Science And Maths In BM And Mother Tongue In 2012 [BERNAMA]"
  1. Finally they know,they speak the truth and realize the mistakes after years..people had suffered enough just to wait for this announcement.

  2. i didn't agree with this. Simple...if you think its english is not important....why you still write your blog in english? sorry if that hurt...the truth is you won't survive outside Malaysia if you just depends on Malay language...
    people say look at japanese how great their achievement....but didn't you laugh when you heard them trying to speak in english....and their hardly survive when their outside the country....yeah..yeah...manjakan la anak-anak dengan biar diorang dalam negara je.....but one thing you should remember....even in this country, proficiency in english is essential when you are working.....
    too long if i want to write my opinion cut short: ini kerugian yang amat besar untuk generasi baru.....

  3. Salam Cik Munsyi~
    hmm.teringat masa kt cfs dulu,saye wat individual essay & presentation utk level 6 tajuk
    "Maths and Science subjects should be taught in Bhs Malaysia especially in Primary School"~

    haha~agree sgtsgt ajar dlm malay.
    sebab2nye sume da kamu point out kan~
    tp bile fikir2 balik,mcm kalau ajar dlm BI pun okay je.
    sbb lame2 kalau dah terbiasa tengok bahasa tu dlm bnyk subjek insyAllah dapat improve the language ~
    but its only my opinion~tah la~

  4. @Atiqah

    Yup.and but still, I think they do it because of the manek urai election. Wallahua'lam.


    @Cik Nana

    Betul. I agree with that. but, i've pointed out the reasons why I oppose the PPSMI. It's also just my 2 cents.

  5. @HuRuL_Aini

    That's true. As a univ. student, I find English is very essential in my studies and also later when I work. I wrote my blog in English to improve it. and I don't remember saying that the language is not important.

    let me restate the points why I oppose PPSMI. Just like my last PPSMI post, I am not 100% disagree with the idea. The process of implementing PPSMI should wisely discussed and planned.

    1. I've been tutoring rural area students in Janda Baik and I noticed that they don't have any slightest idea when science and maths are taught in English. These kids are already slow when it is taught in Bahasa, how do you expect them to understand better when it is in English.

    2.The problems with PPSMI now are the teachers. Their proficiency level of English language are relatively low. If govt. can provide good English teachers for both rural and urban schools, opposing the PPSMI is not an issue then. English teachers and Science/Maths in English teachers are different. The terms are different. You should realized that by now.

    3.They should implement the PPSMI step by step. but no. First they come up with PPSMI idea. Then 10 subjects only for SPM. then, English is a must pass subject. Don't you think these ideas are too drastic. Both students and teachers are suffering. Just go and ask them, particularly in rural areas. i don't know about Sarawak though. But I think, it's just the same.

    Wallahua'lam. Just my 2 cents. PPSMI has pros and cons. I admit that. But drastic changes would not help the students. We should help them, not force them.

  6. okay...respect ur stands & opinion...
    now the reason why i still want PSSMI to be cont:
    with regards your second points about the teachers...don't you think in 5 to 10 years thing will improve as we go on....after 3-5 more years, guru-guru yang terlibat tu insyaAllah dah boleh mengaja dengan selesa....sukatan pelajaran by that time pun insyaAllah akan improve....yeah, sekarang memang masih tunggang langgang...sebab baru je beberapa tahun...& people still improving the system...& because its a system, it will take time
    yeah i know those politician just make their decision drastically even now when lots of people start apposing to this system....but then didn't you see...we again start from ZERO.... what happen to the fresh grad teacher that take their degree in english medium....the whole thing going to zero again...& i can next 5 won't see improvement in our education system/standard...
    & i also teach maths & science to primary 1 & 3 before...& that why i strongly disagree with this decision....
    i'm writing this just to point out my stand....not to change people mind reading this...:))

  7. alhamdulillah.. hehe. yahoo~

    1. Some posts in my blog are in english too because I enjoy writing in english. it's my inborn language but english is fun. (Only english as a language, not english for maths and science.) haha.

    2. I believe that for primary school students, they are learning the basic things. those fundamental things need to be understood well before they move to higher level. Thus they should learn them in their native language for better and quicker understanding. They are taking so many subjects at school, stop pressuring them. THEY ARE KIDS.

    3. I once lived in UK for 4 years starting at the age of 14 yrs old. It took me 3 years to fully understand what the hell the teachers are teaching me. But what makes it easier is that I have to get used to SPEAK ENGLISH along with the people around me. So that helps.

    4. Referring to the above statement, Imagine the Kids in Malaysia, they are used to speak Malay with friends and family. Suddenly they have to change their whole mindset to English. When you TALK or WRITE in english, you CANNOT think in Malay. Your whole mindset must be switched to English so you can understand how to USE the language. DIRECT TRANSLATION happens because your mind is still in Malay language and you are translating the language instead of USING ENGLISH.

    6. THUS, Its pressuring for the KIDS and most teachers because its just a whole new life changing situation at school/class, and we are in our country with the people around us speaking in their native language, how on Earth is learning subjects in English will help the kids to learn better? Its making the subjects tougher to be digested.

    Just an opinion. Sometimes we think too much on the future, we missed out things we already have.

  8. its quite hot in here..can i just be at the safe side..???I agree and at the same time oppose it..but let us be rational..if they had made the decision, r we going to stop here? I mean if we r agree with the PPSMI, dont just stop here to educate ur generation..the system is only a will change or won't change at all..but as a smart person, u can do a better way to make the language more useful than anyone else think it as a, make ur move..i won't mind if they had make it as a final one, becoz i have my own path to educate my future generation to be better than what the system put us into..don't u think so???

    dont take it as a problem...but take it as a challenge..this is a new challenge for us and grab it..Allah grant us with think and to make the life even better..use it..!!!

  9. mari la sama2 fikir kalau kita duduk di tempat student2 kat pedalaman, macam munsyi kata, padahal janda baik tu duk sebelah gombak je,..tapi macam mana keadaan diorg..

    kita duk rasa ok sebab Allah izin kita lahir2 mak ayah cakap omputeh, tak pun duk sekolah y memang pengajaran english bagus, jadi la kita sekarang...
    rasa cam senang je semua,...

    kalau tempat diorang, masyaallah susah..susah kwn2...

    u semua, sebenarnya,..
    Negara kita tengah nak kejar negara maju,..semua orang (tiap level) kejar2 nak capai tahap negara maju,..
    Jadi setiap peringkat akan ada pressure masing2

    Menteri nak bawa negara maju,
    Jadi org bawah pun terkejar2 dengan semua tindakan
    Dan kita akan ada tendency u cuba semua cara, try n error...

    Buat y ni xjadi, tukar lain, buat y lain pulak...lebih kurang la

    Dan ini berlaku kat semua negara maju...

    Jepun n Korea lalui ni peringkat ni selama 10 tahun
    N pakar jangka kita pn akan hadapi tempoh sama atau lebih..

    Hasilnya, negara akan maju masa akan datang, tapi kelompok y bekerja keras ni u kemajuan negara akan suffer di kemudian hari

    di Jepun, golongan ni ramai y bunuh diri, xpun jadi mentally not well bila dah tua..
    Sebab banyak sangat try n error..

    P/S-kajian betul ni, xtipu...
    doa2 la y terbaik u Islam n Negara kita


  10. Thanks for the comments, people. It's good to discuss serious matter once a while. Okay. The causes and roots of the problem were already, which is like what we've discussed it here with proper arguments and relevant information, now let's find the solution.

    Bagaimana sebenarnya sistem ini perlu dijalankan? Cadangan saya mudah.

    1. Tumpu pada pengukuhan sbjek Bahasa Inggeris itu sendiri, seperti yang telah diterangkan. Tambahan pula, kita masih ada kesusasteraan Inggeris. Graduan Guru Inggeris yang akan mengajar Sains & math masih boleh mengajar subjek ingggeris bukan? Starting from zero is not an issue then.

    Seperti kata Pelajar Jurusan Inggeris UKM, Atiqah itu sendiri,
    "...i won't mind if they had make it as a final one, becoz i have my own path to educate my future generation to be better than what the system put us into..don't u think so???"

    2.Maybe the system should start from kindergarden. We know that at this age, kids are eager to learn new things. Plus, kids are fast-learners,even for those rural students. and the system will continue along the way to UPSR,PMR and SPM level. Get it? This is just an opinion. because "melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya". Not from bamboo = form4-5.


    I would like to quote words from I-Sya "Sometimes we think too much on the future, we missed out things we already have."

    The system need to be strengthen in all aspects for a greater future. and when the implementation process took place, it should not just give benefit to one side and gives damages to others. That's what govt. should do. It's their job to ensure both sides receive the benefits.

  11. alamak nak bace but ive got no time
    nnt insyaAllah after next week eh
    anyway, i do support ppsmi huuhu
    kk later

  12. Lain sebenarnya kalau nak belajar sains dan matematik dalam english. Memang betul la tak boleh survive kat luar Malaysia tapi tujuan belajar sains dan matematik tu sebab nak faham english ke nak faham sains dan matematik?

  13. @atie

    Ok. Please do read the whole article and comments. I'll be very glad to hear your opinion on this issue.



    Yup. Jawapan dalam bentuk soalan yang menarik.

  14. alhamdulillah, its hot in here, meaning, people do care...
    mcm ni lah, i used to study those two subjects in malay while in primary n secondary school. Then, i got lucky to pursue my atudies, and i atarted studying everything in english, and hey!! i survived! See what i mean?

    At least, those yg not so lucky as me in my time, they do understand the basic fundamentals of sc and math to continue their life also, again guys, they survived! why changed the system then?

    Tak puas hati tahap english, focus on improving english, jgn kacau sc and math.... now, semua org pening!

    I agree dgn Munsyi, go and teach the rural students sc n math in english, its 'kawai so' for the end, apa pun depa tak dpt. At least in my time dulu, depa fhm jugak the basics...

    to me, education tak sepatutnya di politikkan, kalau tak ni lah jadinya...too bad!

  15. @aunty meen

    Thanks aunty. Now we have a strong argument to this issue.

    hai'. kawai so desho. I'm teaching them every week and they are still not learning much.

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