Wireless News, Sad News..Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamhu Sir Ghazali


It's been a while. IIUM wireless just installed new security system. And guess what, it blocks blogspot and blogger. So, I couldn't update my blog even when I've lots to tell the world. Ok. few updates before I go prepare for Friday prayer.

- My parents just got back safely from UK and they brought back lots of souvenirs.
- My aunty will be staying for two days more in UK. She was so busy with her job and she needs to take some days off.

- For those who didn't hear the news, Our English teacher, Sir Ghazali passed away on 22nd July. Al-Fatihah and may Allah bless his soul. Check this.

- I didn't mentioned about SKEMA before. So sorry. It's because I'm busy and the above wireless problem. Check out the pictures taken during SKEMA. Picture courtesy of Taqi.

- Lastly, Do pray for my success for this semester. 'kay. I need your Doa. Thanks in advance.

note: I just bought this Air Wick Freshmatic Lemon. But I don't think it'll freshen up the air my room because I love to switched on my fan as fast as it can.


7 Responses to "Wireless News, Sad News..Al-Fatihah to Allahyarhamhu Sir Ghazali"
  1. didnt get the chance to go to SKEMA in UIA ths sem..my health condition werent allowed me to travel around..erk..it is not H1N1 for sure..

  2. uia pnya wireless x leh open blogger ke?ana ok je...

    Selamat blogging semula

    "Blogger tegar utk semua"

  3. at least both of u got da connection...

  4. al fatihah to sir ghazali..
    ade sket pic time pngebumian die kt entry ak syu'bah...

  5. patut la xleh update blog..
    camne kitorg nak wat assignment ICT ni??
    kene buat blog n website plak tu..

  6. Macam2 incident thn ni..
    Allah tahu yang terbaik utk hambaNya..May Allah bless his soul, makin sunyi rasanya medan ilmu tanpa murabbi2 yg dikashi. Moga pewaris2 yang ade meneruskn perjuangan

    btw..mga dpt update lepas ni ya..

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