Building a stronger relationship with your family

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses." [Joyce Brothers]

Few pictures from the event 'Bowling with my family' on the 3rd of Syawal. People are often surprised and sometimes amazed when they found out about my family. Why? Because I have seven brothers and only one sister (my mum used to breastfeed her when she was small).

One day, when we are still living in Kedah, about 14 years ago, our neighbor called my eldest brother by his name,

Uncle A: Khalid, don't forget to come to my son's birthday party next week.
My brother: uncle, how do you know my name?
Uncle A: Your father shouted your name every morning to wake you guys up. How can I not know and remember your name.

But now, we only have the chance to get together during holidays since most of us are still studying in various places (3 in IIU, 1 in IB, 3 in M3, Perlis). As for my eldest brother, he is getting married this weekend and my second brother's wedding will be in December, Insya Alah. Hope the family bond will grow stronger with the addition of  new family members.

"Building strong family relationships is difficult in a society where the family structure seems to be deteriorating.Until we can hear each other, we cannot build strong relationships. To build strong family relationships, please listen actively to each other."


12 Responses to "Building a stronger relationship with your family"
  1. such a nice picture of happy family..

  2. family yg bahagia.. ^_^ best!

  3. sharing is caring....
    Loving is sharing (^_^)V

  4. sempoi gler family ko... ngan mak ko sekali.. huhu *pointing your third pic*

  5. ooops lupe.. kan trend gambar lompatlompat tu skang.. ce try wat lak.. Haha ( aku bkn melawak, siyes ni.. mesti comey.. family aku cbe buat rtu, tapi ayah aku tak mo lompat sekali lak..*sigh*)


  6. @Atiqah

    Not always happy, but still, the bond needs to be tighten. Thanks


    Things will work out well if everyone understands each other's feelings, and of course Doa and relationship with Allah = Happy Family. Insya Allah


    true. Sharing IS caring.Love is meant to be share.

    @Hikari Neesan

    Camera xcanggih sgt, kiteorg test lompat, tp xjadik..hehe

    ayah mmg xleh lompat, sakit kaki.. :(

  7. It made me laugh to see Uncle Mus's pose.

    What a sporting man he is!

    Nice pics though.

  8. Sporting and Loving, He is. I'm really grateful to have him as my father.

  9. apsal citer ur elder brothe nak kawin xsampai johor?..bukan jauh pun johor n melaka!!..he3

  10. hehe. Maybe sampai Johor tp xsampai Kluang kot. Lgpon tu belah pompuan, belah laki disember ni. Wat 2org skali. Nnti Insya Allah ajak len k.

  11. he3..its ok la..just sengaja cucuk..hu3

    tngok ma'ruf club macam dah gempaq..doakan kitorg kat sini gak..

  12.'ruf club mmg dh gempaq..JC je blum..hehe..doakan sesama la ye..

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