Maybe I should stop...

Missing my old school, M3

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t brothers and sisters, blog readers.

My final exams start on 4th November, the very first day of examination period, with two of the most crucial subjects on the same day. 9.00a.m and 2.30p.m. I won't ask much, just hoping that I'll be able to pass these subjects. You'll know how hard it is if you're taking Automotive Engineering in IIU and you're not struggling enough. The lecturers won't leave you alone. They will get to you somehow. "You earn your grade. I'll not help you unless you try very hard" is his favorite quote. Respect you Sir, in case you're reading this.

It's frustrating not being able to practice what you preach. I advised people to be strong and tough when facing any problems, but right now, I'm, myself, not in a stable state of mind, thinking of what to do first.

[Reminder for me]: I'm just listing down the things to do before the finals:

1. report seminar on Friday
2. send by hand EIT letter to MTU services Saturday
3. report MOM mechanical lab on Monday
4. Quiz Structural Mechanics Tutor class on Tuesday
5. Test lab & Due Date Project KDM on Wednesday
6. Quiz Structural Mechanics in class on Thursday
7. Due date project Control Systems on Friday
8. Prepare for Heat Transfer & CS every single night until the finals

A lot of things came across my mind lately. Maybe I should stop go online, maybe I should stop reading blogs, maybe I should stop do this and do that instead, I should have answer my mid-terms properly and the list goes on. To tell you the truth, I'll easily distracted once I go online. So, I'll not be able to read your blogs until the exams are over. Please pray for me guys even if you don't mean it. Thank you so much in advance.

Before I end this post, a reminder to myself and dear readers,

"Your everyday actions will only be considered as Righteous Deeds if they fulfill these criterias; pure intention to please Allah, the actions must not contradict with Islamic teachings and the actions must be done full-heartedly (Optimum) "

Till then, take care guys,
Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

note: Sent my EIT letters to Jalinan Engineering and Kejuruteraan Emas. Hope to hear from them soon~


7 Responses to "Maybe I should stop..."
  1. yup online will distract you from your works..
    good luck

    **hey what am I doing here??? focus focus atiqah

  2. Terus melangkah,..moga berbahagia

  3. all the best bro!
    final exam starts 4 oct or 4 nov?
    i wonder..

  4. thank you so much guys for the wishes and prayers. All the best for you too.

    @Cik NaNa: 4th bad. Thanks

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