The Wedding Reception and the nightmares that await..

"May Allah Bless this couple with the best of love and success, and protect them and their 'offspring'."


This is the picture from the wedding reception. We took a lot of pictures for the event but I couldn't get a hold of those pictures because the camera is not with me now. So this is the only picture I have, courtesy of Sis Marina's FB

Ok. The nightmares are nothing but the Projects, Assignments and Exams, as usual. Do pray for me guys. I'll pray for your success too.

note: I'm searching for a company to do the industrial training(practical training). Does anyone have any suggestions? any automotive/mechanical company will do. Thanks in advance.

note: Entering 4th year next semester, Hope so~


10 Responses to "The Wedding Reception and the nightmares that await.."
  1. owh ni ke k.azah nye...(huhu..stil x knl..hehe)kre da lps le knduri umh pngntin knduri umh pgntin laki nye ble plak?

  2. wow the wedding gown looks so nice on her...
    she looks gorgeous..

    insyaAllah u can do is a matter of time and effort. dont procrastinate..

  3. @nutasa

    kak azah kenal kt lg..shbh uia je knal kot.

    belah laki bln 12..buat skali 2 dgn amru, my 2nd bro.



    thank you for your complement on her behalf. I dont think she read my blog.

    and thanks for the encouragement. really appreciate it.

  4. wah..smoge bahagia hendaknye mereka..
    dah nak masuk 4th year?
    nak habis da..
    me baru nak step into 2nd year next sem..:(

  5. thanks for the wish.

    yup. 4th year. I hope so. kalo xde yg kantoi

  6. abg ko menarik perhatian..1st time kasik komen kt blog ko nih,congrats to him and ko sbb dpt kak ipar baru,hehe..

    btw..nice blog..kalo ko suka nak wat EIT jauh2 try la Hicom Honda kt Kedah..Naza ke..

  7. Hoho..kua nm blog lak..aiseh.. -Mar Md Noor-

  8. tQ2..

    I'm playing for masum next year..kt USIM. Kna wat EIT kat2 sini. thanks anyway for the suggestion.

    asal kuar name blog ek? update la..huhu

  9. Owh..yeke..xtau lak company2 kt sini..nape x apply g ke?

    hehe..biasala..aku xbiasa g ngn bnd2 nih...tgu setel sume keja dl br nak update..kna berguru ngn munsyi design nih..=P

  10. tgh apply, just sbg backup in case xdpt.

    hehe, jemput bguru. guru baru belajar. huhu

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