Welcoming new family member. [Kekkon Omedetou Gozaimasu~]


Just a quick post to welcome my sis-in-law, Sis Azah to the family. The wedding is not official yet, but I would to wish my Big brother and his wife-to-be in advance.Kekkon Omedetou Gozaimasu [Congratulation on your wedding!!].

"Among His signs is that He created for you spouses of your own kind in order that you may repose to them in tranquility and He instilled in your hearts love and affection for one another; verily, in these are signs for those who reflect (on the nature of the reality)." (Ar-Rum 30: 21).

"Marriage in Islam is intended to cater to multiple purposes which include, above all, spiritual tranquility and peace, and cooperation and partnership in fulfilling the divine mandate. Islam – being a natural way of life – takes into account all of genuine human instincts such as physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, et cetera. Although fulfilling one’s physical needs in a decent manner is one of the main purposes of marriage, it is not the sole one." - Sh. Yusuf al-Qardawi

note: May Allah's Eternal Blessings bestow upon you guys. Love is giving and taking in a daily situation and being patient with each others needs and desires. Be good to each other and put Allah in front of all decisions, so that the decisions will purely be based on the intention of getting His LOVE.



13 Responses to "Welcoming new family member. [Kekkon Omedetou Gozaimasu~]"
  1. congraz coz dpt 1st in law...
    n that isda sign that u already old...heee...

  2. thanks. Old is not the right word. I'm at the age where my turn will just be around the corner, insya Allah. :)

  3. owh. maybe he'll invite all shbt shbh kot. I dont know coz it is not my wedding. hehe

  4. salam congraz 2 ur big bro n k.azah too..
    tak dpt g yg seremban...
    nnti yg kat malacca jgn lupe kasi kad k...

  5. nk jugak ye ubah word.. k2. i give u a chance..btol la tu..

    bout da invitation, i think so...takpe la...

  6. ntah ko nih, ye ye jek jmput, bkn ko y nk kwin, ntah2 abg ko x jmput pon..
    btw, nape buh gmbr zmn dlu kala..eheh..buh la gmbr latest ceq, ak x knai pon k.azah y mn stu..tgok sket gmbr dia..hee..wink!

  7. yela2..nnti je la boh kt fb..letih gile arini..huhu

  8. congrats tu ur big bro..which kak azah?

  9. ahaks.. meh la tasnim jd escort kami...heee...

    **letih tp sempat gak layan blog..ish2..

  10. @Atiqah

    thanks. I dont think u knw her. I'll post her pic later.


    layan jap je. nk keep up to date.

  11. Congratulation!

    Finally, the dream comes true, isn;t it?


    Salam wbt

  12. Thanks! the dream has indeed come true. Cheers
    wassalam wbt

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