Al-Sakinah & KarangKraf

 Beautiful Landscape at the Al-Sakinah River Lodge


Just got back from IIU the other day. We stayed at Al-Sakinah River Lodge in Janda Baik for the course and went on a trip to KarangKraf. Maybe we (JC) should consider writing a review about Al-Sakinah to promote the place since its still new and the owners, Mr. Arifin and his wife, were so generous to us. Other than the river that is full of rocks and its fast stream (I have scratches all over my body), everything else was very nice and beautiful. I can assure you won't be disappointed.

The 'Journalism trip to KarangKraf ' was very interesting and informative at the same time. What did I learned from the trip is that, the world of magazine publishing might be a bit complicated but as long as the tasks were divided and done properly, the outcome will be priceless, the satisfaction is beyond description. It somehow can be related to our life. These are the members' feedbacks from the trip.

"Lifting heavy things can be done easily with everyone's help" - Munsyi

Well, just check out their website for more info. It's a pity for those who did not have the chance to go to these events. Insya Allah, more activities will be organized next tenure.

Al-Sakinah River Lodge

 Journalism Trip to KarangKraf

Credits to Al-Sakinah's and JC's blog


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