Eidul Adha Mubarak


Dear readers, friends, Muslims,Eid-ul Adha Al-mubarak

Eid-ul Adha is one of the special festivals for Muslims around the globe. Eid-ul Adha is also known as the festival of sacrifice. On this festival, Muslims sacrifice their domestic animals like goat, sheep, cow, camel etc. This sacrifice made by Muslims is a symbol of sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim.

Eid-ul Adha celebrations start after the Hajj. The first day of Eid-ul Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of Dzulhijjah, that is the last month of the Islamic year. In most countries, Eid-ul Adha is celebrated for several days by Muslim and the celebration is bigger than Eid Al-Fitr, unlike in Malaysia. 

Also, I want to share an interesting comic about sacrifices in Islam.

I'm going to Perlis (M3) for several days. Insya Allah gonna be back by the 2nd of December. Till then, see you later and have a blessing Eidul Karim.

credits: I LUV ISLAM & The Eid


2 Responses to "Eidul Adha Mubarak"
  1. komik yang menarik walaupun tipu tapi ada pengajaran.. terima kasih kerana berkongsi..

  2. kalau kisah benar lg touching kot.. :)


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