Off to IIU then to Janda Baik

Assalamu'alaikum everyone.

People keep hassling and hassling me with more works. I'm not complaining. Maybe they thought since I finish my exams early, I'm doing nothing for the past few days of holiday.

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm busy preparing for my brothers wedding reception here in Melaka. It's on the 27th December. I know it's not even December but the invitation cards for my mother's colleagues need to be typed, cut and glued. There's like hundreds of them. Like right now I'm preparing to go back to IIU because Journalism Club will be helding a course tomorrow at Janda Baik until Sunday and an educational trip to Karangkraf on  the next day.

On the 25th, I'll be on my way to my high school, MATRI in Perlis to visit and help my brother Shafiq who are sitting for SPM.

Few Important news and reminders
> Our Mudir (Headmaster) Ustaz Dahlan is suspected with dengue and now at his son's house in Rawang. For those who know him, you can visit at Dr. Akmal Dahlan's. Please pray for him guys.

> My brothers' wedding reception will be on the 27th December. Everyone is invited if you know at least one person of the couples. Khalid Al-Walid & Nurazah and 'Amru 'Irfan & Nik Nadiah. Will post about this later.

> Lastly, Wishing my brother Shaheran Shafiq and all students of Ma'had Attarbiyah Al-Islamiyah, All the Best in SPM. Hope that you'll do your best for Islam and with the intention to please of Allah.

Till then, take care.

My brother, Shaheran Shafiq (people often mistaken him as my elder brother) 


4 Responses to "Off to IIU then to Janda Baik"
  1. May Allah helps u in everything u do..wish u all da best..
    27th Dec? UKM just begin new semester on 21st dec.
    I heard my parents are going to visit ur family this month..don't know when, but its about the Koperasi project.

  2. thanks for the du'a.. well,if you can come to the reception, you can come. I'll post about it later.

    owh. I'll tell my parents then.

  3. oh really?? MATRI is really near to my high school...Mine @ SMK Tengku Suleiman...what a coincidence!!!

  4. oh..I know Tg Suleiman. we're neighbors then.

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