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This post was supposed to be completed and publish  just as I finished the heat+CS exams. Well, just wanna it anyway. I'll be sitting for two more papers this Wednesday and Friday. So, I'm taking this opportunity to wish everyone who is taking any examination for any level, All The Best in your examinations. I just realize that IIU had synchronized the exams with other Universities in Malaysia (not very sure though).If that's the case, then Bittaufiq Wannajah Fil Imtihan to all.

Download our club's poster designed by Cdek Here.

Yesterday, we, the organizer of this year's JC Induction Course, just manage to find the venue for the program in Janda Baik. Insya Allah, the course will be held at this new but nicely developed river lodge. I'm not aware of this even though we used to went there for the teaching job. Janda Baik surprisingly has many beautiful places and resorts. But, most of them are fully booked for that particular date.

This new post as General Secretary of JC is a bit burden for me with all the Final Year Project starting next semester, and I'm also thinking of quitting Varsity Volleyball Team. But, like what they say, the position, wealth, successes and failures are all in the hand of Allah the almighty. We need to give our fullest and tawakkal to gain His approval. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

I have to return to my notes and revise for the remaining exams now. Don't forget me in your prayers.

Assalamualaikum and have nice day ahead.


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