Al-Hijra / Muharram 1431 wishes and another addition to the family

For those who don't know, Muharram is the first month in Islamic calendar. Al-Hijra / Muharram in 2009 will start on Friday, the 18th of December, which is today. The Islamic new year is celebrated relatively quietly, with prayers and readings and reflection upon the Hijra.

Why am I posting this information when I know most of my blog readers are Muslims? It is because some of us might know about this while some others don't or don't bother to learn about it, even when they called themselves Muslims. They celebrated the New Year but not the Hijra. May Allah grant them the knowledge.

May this year brings us more barakah and rahmah from Allah SWT. Let's strive harder to achieve our goals and lets not forget Our Ultimate goal, Mardhatillah (Allah's Pleasure).

and always remember to make Du'a anytime, anywhere and not only at the end and  start of the New year. Read this article.

Another addition to the Family. 
Today, my second brother is going to get married. Amru and Nik Nadiah. Congratulation and welcome to the family, sis Nik Nadiah. We are going to Sungai Petani in Kedah for the Akad Nikah, by a chartered bus from Malacca. The reception for the bride's side will be on Saturday and for the groom's side will be on 27th in Malacca. Please pray for our safety, k. For those who have free time, please come to the reception. I'll post the invitation card later.

When we were small. Now, everyone is getting married. Next will be my turn. :)


6 Responses to "Al-Hijra / Muharram 1431 wishes and another addition to the family"
  1. how time flies..congratulations to ur family..and have a safe journey..

  2. Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1431...Semoga amalan kita pd thn ini lebih baik dr thn sebelumnya...InsyaAllah! :)

  3. salam maal hijrah..
    mabruk utk abg amru n kak nik..
    bahgia tgk senior2 bahgia..
    siapa pula lepas ini?

  4. @Atiqah

    yes.indeed, time flies. Thanks for the do'a and wishes.

    @Future Protaz

    Ameen, Insya Allah.

    @Sinar Islami

    Salam Maal Hijrah.

    jzkillah. lepas ni maybe another 2 years. hehe

  5. oh wah, when is your turn? anytime soon?

    hey thanks for following my blog. =)

    btw, you're invited.

  6. haha, not anytime soon. gotta finish degree first.

    my pleasure. I've check it out actually. but got no time to read it yet. will come back afterward.

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