This is pointless!!

A child was inspired by her atuk, who was always reciting the Quran full of passion and feeling. Wanting to follow in her atuk's footsteps, she too wanted to learn to read as her atuk.

However, she was always frustrated at not being able to understand the meaning of what she was reciting or to memorise what she read. To her, it was pointless to read the Quran without knowing the meaning.

After expressing her concerns to her atuk, her atuk told her to do the follwing; take a basket which was used to carry coal, go down to the river, fill up the basket with water and come back to him. She did as her atuk had told, or tried to.

Every time she got back to the house, all the water in the basket had dripped out. She kept trying but kept failing. The basket would always be empty by the time she got back to her atuk.

After many frustrating attempts, she finally went to her atuk and said "This is pointless!".

Smiling, her atuk told her to look down into the basket. What was once a filthy, dirty black basket was now clean after all the trips down to the river.

Her atuk said "this is what happens when we recite the Quran, we might not understand it, we might not be able to memorise it, but reciting it cleanses our hearts".



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  1. @Fiza, Maa

    Indeed. thanks for your comments


    yup.just want to share for those who never heard of it before. ^^

  2. thanks 4 the story..
    sgt bermotivasi.

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