Al-Fatihah: Zainul Arifin M3, Sultan Iskandar and Tengku Mohammad Onn UIA

Assalamualaikum everyone.

I have been meaning to post this since I heard and read about the news. This is for those who still don't know about these sad events.

"A face we love is missing, a vision we love remains, it's for us to treasure forever.
for someone very dear that we've lost" 

  Zainul Arifin M3

He was called to meet his Creator on the 21st January 2010. He died of LeukemiaHe was my senior who was also my brother's friend from my school, MATRI. He came to my brothers' wedding reception 3 weeks before and at that time, he look very healthy. You can read about him in this heart-wrenching post, here.


The Late Sultan Johore, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail (1932-2010)

(Passed away on 22nd January 2010)

"JOHOR BAHARU, Jan 22 (Bernama) -- The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail, 77, died Friday night after ruling the state for almost three decades.

The Sultan breathed his last at 7.15pm at the Puteri Specialist Hospital after he was admitted to the hospital earlier following an illness.

The death of the sultan was announced by Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, here Friday night.

The ruler left behind his wife, the Sultanah of Johor Sultanah Zanariah and 10 children.

Sultan Iskandar was born in Istana Semayam, Johor Baharu on April 8, 1932, and was made the Sultan of Johor on May 11, 1981.

On Nov 15 1984, he was installed as the 8th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Nov 15, 1984. "

I used to live in Johore nearly 10 years when I moved to Malacca in 2007. My Uncle's wife is from the  Johore Royal family and she talk about him a lot whenever I went to Johore for a visit. From her stories, I believed that he indeed was loved by his subjects. So, the news somehow struck me as well.

I think by now, you must have read about the bloggers who said harsh things about the late Sultan Iskandar. All I can say is that even if the stories were true and he was not a good person in his life, let's just leave it for Allah to judge him. Why? because Rasulullah said so.

Aishah RA said that Prophet {Sallal lahu alayhi wa sallam} said, "do not speak ill of the dead ; they have seen the result they forwarded before them".

Check out the Live blogging from the Funeral Service and the news


Tengku Mohammad Onn UIA

He passed away on 23rd January 2010. He was in the same level one of Mahallah Bilal like me and we frequently meet and greet each other in the hallway or in the cafe. He was my friend from MASUM, the only person who still remember my name eventhough he was not from the volleyball team. It is said that he was on his way home riding his motorcycle to Raub Pahang when the accident happens. May Allah bless him and put him among Assolihin. Ameen.

Now, no one going is to call me Shu'bam again and I already miss that.

The funeral photos of my friend Onn and a post about him.

It is sad to lose someone we love and we care. But it is sadder if we couldn't prepare for our own death. and we realize, it is all too late. After all, "To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return"

Prophet Muhammad {Sallal lahu alayhi wasallam} said " You should remember the reality that brings an end to all worldy joys and pleasures, namely DEATH".  

A deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart to the family of these great people. May Allah grant them the strength to move on with their lives.

note: I cannot imagine how I'm going to handle it if I ever lose someone in my own family. Every time I think about it after we quarrel, I cry alone, afraid of not having the chance to say I'm sorry.

note2: I remember Cg Azmi Bahari used to say this.

"Mungkin persoalannya...berapa lama kehilangan beliau akan memberi kesan kepada hati-hati kita? Jawapannya setakatmana kita mengaitkan semua ini dengan keimanan. 

Apa saja yang dikaitkan dengan keimanan maka ianya akan kekal lama tetapi jika kita sekadar menghubungkannya dengan persahabatan dan hubungan duniawi yang lain maka sentuhan itu hanya kan terasa seketika sahaja. Tidak lebih dari sisa-sisa makanan yang terjatuh dari meja kehidupan (sepertimana yang pernah digambarkan oleh Syed Qutb dalam bicaranya tentang kematian). 

Segala kesedihan akan hilang dan segala kenangannya akan pudar warna. Tetapi jika kita hubungkannya dengan keimanan, takdir dan iradah Allah SWT maka berbagai persoalan akan bermain difikiran kita hingga bertambahnya keyakinan kepada janji-janji dan ancaman-ancaman Allah SWT."


5 Responses to "Al-Fatihah: Zainul Arifin M3, Sultan Iskandar and Tengku Mohammad Onn UIA"
  1. walau tak bertegur sapa kat hallway macam ko, tetap rase 'kehilangan'. Sebab pernah kenal, bercakap dengan arwah.


  2. @Atiqah



    tul.smpai last kali ak jumpe die,die ingat name ak lg, walopon silap sket, shu'bam.tkejut gile mse dgr crite dr roommate sblum balik. :(

  3. Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'un...Allahumma Ighfirlahu Warhamhu Wa'afihi Wa'fu 'Anhu...

    Adik dia ada study di sini..

  4. Innalillah..adik epin? salam takziah dr ana. Moga die tabah.

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