Children see, children do.

Assalamu'alaikum to all.

Do watch this.

Have you watched it? As we all know, Young children tend to copy most of what they see on TV whether it is a good thing or a bad one. Aside from that, bad influences from the parents will also shape their minds and attitudes in the future. In this country for example, we can see the results of these bad parenting skills that will eventually lead to the moral decay among children and youngsters.

Smoking is one of many examples. Here, I noticed that some parents were not doing their job right to educate their child. Teaching your children about Islam with book in your right hand and cigarette in the other hand is certainly not a good idea.

"Do you know that , when a cigarette is smoked, about half of the smoke is inhaled / exhaled (mainstream smoke) by the smoker and the other half floats around in the air (side stream smoke). The combination of mainstream and side stream smoke makes up environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

Also known as secondhand smoke, ETS plays a part in more health problems than you might realize. The following facts point out why it is so important to have smoking bans in place. No one should be forced to breathe in air tainted with cigarette smoke.

Secondhand Smoke and Cancer

Cancers linked to passive smoking include:
  • Lung cancer - 3000 nonsmokers die every year from lung cancer caused by ETS
  • Nasal sinus cavity cancer
  • Cervical Cancer"

If smoking sets a bad example then do you think fighting and lying and other bad influences from parents wouldn't. Which one do you want your children to do during their free time?

                       this                                                         or                                                          this

What you can do?

Make your influence positive! Read the seerah (History of Islam) to them rather than those fairy tales. Make them familiar with Islam at early age. Scold them when they do bad thing so they will not do it in the future. What do we want to teach our children to live their lives for? To work, study for this world, or to work for the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala ? It is our job to culture our children with the understanding of the Deen and to encourage them in following the shariah rules.

Reported by Ahmad, Abu Dawud that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘Order your children to pray at the age of 7 and beat them when they are 10 (if they do not pray) and separate their beds."
The scholars said that the beating meant here is not harshly, it is more for the psychological effect. Remember

"Each one of you is a responsible guardian and each one of you will be asked about those he is responsible for. So the ruler over the people is a responsible guardian and will be questioned concerning those he is responsible for; and the man is the responsible guardian over the people of his house and will be questioned about those he is responsible for, and the woman is the responsible guardian in the house of her husband and will be questioned about those she is responsible for; and the slave is a responsible guardian over the wealth of his owner and will be questioned about his responsibility. Indeed, each of you is a responsible guardian and will be questioned about what he is responsible for", [al-Bukhaaree (13/100) and Muslim (no.1829]]

Let us bare in mind, our children is our future. and also will make prayers for us when we are dead.

Prophet S.A.W. said; “when a son of Adam dies, so does their deeds except for three things: ongoing charity, or benefited knowledge, or pious son who pray for them



6 Responses to "Children see, children do."
  1. it's a great video indeed to show how children reacts according to their parents..

  2. yup.and sometimes parent ask how did their children turn bad.Like father like son

  3. feeling gloomy while watching that video.
    and i dont want it happen to my future kids, na'uzubillah~
    i advised my niece and nephew yesterday when they keep on singing the song of ost halimah jongang [they change 'halimah' to one of their cousin who a lil bit 'jongang']
    personally, i felt that series is not suitable for kids.

    salam ziarah :)

  4. yes,honestly, I still don't find any malay series that gonna shape the mind of our future generation. if there's no love, stupid jokes, etc, then it is not a malay drama.

    thanks for dropping by. :)

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