I love my family. How about you?


My Family

Don't let your kids do this at home!!

When we were small, we used to play together a lot. Sometimes we even play with dangerous stuffs.

1. Climb tree and do abseiling using telephone line wires after coming back from camping.
2. Use hot knife to marked on our Dash Yankuro's cars to make them look like been struck by lightning.
3. Bicycle racing and end up injuring ourselves.
4. Fill a large basin with water, sit in it, put another basin on top and pretend it is a submarine only with water inside instead of outside.
5. Play with neighbors kittens and in the end they died.
6. Buy a lot of cactuses every single week and they also died eventually.

and many other blurry yet fond memories.

"Sometimes we fight over small things in our lives, but that show we concern about each other"
"We fight but that does not mean we don't love one another, right?"

Go ahead. Call your family members. Catch up with their life. You never know when Allah is going to take them from you.

Note: My brother's interview with Leicester University is today. Wishing All the best for him. Future med student Insya Allah.
Note2: There's only my abah, umi, Abg Khalid & me at home during this break. Feels like I'm the youngest, and not married. ^_^

A bit info about Family system in Islam.
In Islam, family is the cornerstone of the social system. Family is not a casual or spontaneous organization of people, but it is a divinely ordained institution. Family and marriage are regarded as noble and sacred; a social contract that confers mutual rights and obligations on the couple.

The progress and welfare of society or its breakdown can be traced to the strength and unity or to the weakness of the family. The weakness is a crucial indicator of the weakness of society, reflected by problems like juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, alcoholism, teenage pregnancies, and divorce.

Read more: here


10 Responses to "I love my family. How about you?"
  1. wow sweet family..my mom always make a standing ovation and praised a lot when she mentioned about ur family...
    sometimes..i feel too small as compared to how great ur family are..
    the relationship, the togetherness and everything, education level and etc...
    she mentioned a lot about makcik Bad when she recalled her memories in Kedah (I missed alor star badly) and how she taught my mom to be someone..u know what I mean..woman and woman when they chat.......

    i love my family too...

  2. alhamdulillah, sakinah mawaddah warahmah...

  3. @Atiqah

    My family is not that great. sometimes we fight,but all end well alhamdulillah. ur word seems to be left hanging there..hehe

    hmm..I missed Alor setar too!!


    Alhamdulillah. harap2 nye la bterusan..

  4. dash yankuro.. hua hua epic!

    sume yg di list kan tu keje2 korang ke? huhu suggei.. tgi nye imaginasi

  5. youngest and not married?,..hehe,...i m lucky not to be in that situation,..
    so after a while, i m back to blogging,..yuroshikuonegaitashimas,..

  6. @fana

    haha. list tu sket je. patut panjang lg. bdak2 laki la katekan. xkn nk maen masak2 kot.


    u r lucky coz u r going to gt married soon. hehe
    welcome back. kocchi koso~

  7. big happy family,alhamdulillah...

    yes, i do love my family.that's why i prefer to spend my weekend @ home rather than staying @ college

    "sayangi keluarga, semakin hari semakin sayang"

  8. Thanks. Another way is to call them frequently, asking for their health and lives. It shows that they are remembered.

  9. ya its nice post..... visit him friends... thank u....

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