KLIA/LCCT to IIUM @ UIA Gombak [LRT in Kuala Lumpur]

This post is for International and local students who are coming to International Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM (also known locally as UIA) from KLIA or LCCT. You'll probably find it hard to get here if this is your first time in Malaysia or in KL. Well, if you follow these directions, you will find yourself in IIUM in no time, Insya Allah. If you take cab/taxi from KLIA/LCCT or KL Sentral, they will probably charge you with unreasonable fares.

KLIA to IIUM Gombak

This is KLIA. When you arrived here, you have two options either to take Express Bus or ERL(Train). Your next destination should be KL sentral (Central). This is the center hub for all transportations in KL.

( BUS = +/- RM10-15, ERL = +/- RM25-35 ).

This is KL Sentral. Find your way to Putra LRT(Train) counter and buy yourself a ticket to Terminal Putra or Gombak. Ask around if you couldn't find the counter. You can also take RapidKL(Bus) to the same destination.
( Putra LRT = RM2.50, RapidKL = RM2++ )

This is Terminal Putra/Gombak. It is the last station of Putra LRT line. Here, you can take RapidKL(Bus) No. 231 or cab. Make sure your destination is UIA or IIUM.

( RapidKL = RM1, Cab =+- RM5-10 )

Credit: Dzul Akmal Al-Taqi

Lastly, you have reached IIUM. Sometimes, the guards will ask you to show your Student ID card. Just show them the offer letter or any identification showing that you are a new IIUM student.

Welcome to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtues.


If your flight landed at LCCT, you can take the ERL(Train) or SkyBus to KL Sentral and the rest of the routes are just like the above.

( ERL = RM12.50, SkyBus = RM9 )

This is the map for trains around KL. Click the pic to enlarge. It's easier to travel to places by LRT rather than stuck in traffic jam if you drive and these are the related websites.


Some of you might be wondering why am I writing about this. It is just a mean to help these students to arrive safely in IIUM. Here's the full story. I logged into my YM few weeks back before the starting of this semester when suddenly one guy YM messaged me. I don't know where he got my YM ID. Maybe he got it from this blog because after that, I found  'IIUM student' keyword was googled into my blog.

After few introductions, I learned that he's a new Bangladeshi student from Saudi Arabia and he's asking for directions to IIUM. He started by asking the cab fare, how far is KLIA to IIU, and other stuffs. So I told him everything (after doing few googling, of course), from the fares, the distances, and time needed to traveled from KLIA. After hearing his grumbles and dissatisfaction about the taxi fares and other problems, we say goodbye and he asked for my phone number in case he got lost anywhere in the city.

Few weeks after the chatting, I received another YM message from him and it goes something like this,

Him: "Salam man. I'm here in Gombak. Which college are you?"
Me: "I'm in Bilal. You?"

Him: "I staying in Siddiq."
Me: "How's your first time journey to IIU? Did you got lost?"

Him: "Nah. I asked my friend to pick me up at the airport."


13 Responses to "KLIA/LCCT to IIUM @ UIA Gombak [LRT in Kuala Lumpur]"
  1. oh now I know..this is very useful for me because I always have problem to go to UIA..
    I have cousin in UIA PJ, and she always ask me to go there, but i dont know how. sigh...next year she will be in Kuantan, so I have to learn how to go there before she leaves KL.

  2. oh. if UIA PJ, you take the KTM UKM, go to KL sentral, take putra LRT to Universiti station. Take the bus no. 12 to UIA PJ. If UIA gombak, then you can use this post as reference.

  3. i c..thank u so much..u've been very helpful..

  4. haha that bangladeshi student... lol sudahnye~

  5. @Atiqah

    my pleasure. glad I can help.^^

    @hikari neesan

    tau xpe..snanye pnjg lg dialog,siap marah2 lg msia nye fare taxi mahal bla bla..last2 xikut..maybe lupe kot.^^

  6. gravatar Sheryne says: [Reply to comment]

    Salaam bro.

    I'm going to visit my sis studying @ UIA.

    Any accomodation nearby the Gombak campus?

    I'm bringing my mother along...

    hope you can recommend someplace suitable for 'mak-mak'. hur hur...

    ade leceh sikit ah...

  7. Wassalam.

    I'm not very sure about this but i think there's no hotel near gombak.

    My bro said that there's a 'rumah tumpangan' near masjid near greenwood. I'm not at UIA right now. I'll try to ask around about it.

  8. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    Jazak Allah khayr for this information!! Very useful :)

  9. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    klu bkn student uia boleh msok x nak buat rujukan kt library?

  10. @Anonymous: tak sure. tapi boleh rasanya. kena bg IC sume la kalau tak silap.

  11. very good info. I like it.

    But one thing,the photo of IIUM with myvi car there is a photo of mine. I am the owner of the photo. Please contact me if you wanna use anyof my photo.Got watermark there.

    contact me via fb dzul akmal al-taqi

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