my Midsem (not so) break


note: These are things to do during this break. The first Midterm exam Power Train will be on 1st of Feb. Do pray for me. Will I be able to study during sem break? history has proven the opposite. ^_^

note2: will be driving back to Melaka tomorrow afternoon, alone. Usually, my brother will do the driving but he decided to go to M3 Perlis this time. I hope I'll not get lost because I'm not very good at remembering routes.

Till then, cheerio~


4 Responses to "my Midsem (not so) break"
  1. pergh.. pack giler jadual.
    gud luck bro~

  2. hoho lawo jadual cuti hang.. belang2 colorful! GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. wow bagusnya dia.. dah ada list to do.. and i think i shud have one too considering that i havent started anything yet for my FYP T.T sangat scareyhhh~

    ps. orang ambik FYP1 jugak T.T

  4. @kyo

    kna displin sket cuti ni.
    hopefully la. Thanks~


    bg menarik ade smangat.^_^
    thanks neechan

    @nono fara

    thanks for dropping by here.same like me.Havent done any simulation yet, just literature review. :(

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