Using ANSYS to do FEA for FYP

4th year, 1st semester

Assalamua'alikum dear readers.

Finally I got some time for a proper update. It has been six weeks of the new semester, nearly one month of the Islamic New year 1431 and 15 days of the new year 2010. I'm hoping to do better this semester, this year. I bet you guys are too.

As titled above, I'm doing my Final Year Project (FYP) 1 in this semester alone. Usually for FYP, there will be two person in each group, but apparently my advisor thinks one person is enough for his proposed topic. So, I'm on my own and a bit busy for this semester onwards (there will be Industrial training for sem 3 and FYP 2 for sem 1 after that).

I'm very sorry if I cannot attend HQ, JC programs or volleyball training. This FYP is going to help me preparing myself for the future, Insya Allah, I hope so. Don't worry, HQ and DnT will always be my top priorities.

So,my topic for FYP is "Crashworthiness frontal structure of a car" and my job basically is to do some impact tests using ANSYS-LS Dyna simulation and also some real tests. The progress so far was good. I manage to get the whole body structure of a 1996 Dodge Neon from a Masters student who I knew for quite sometime now. This car model has been developed by the National Crash Analysis Center at The George Washington University. The details are very precise and every parts of the car is included. It must have been a lot of work developing the car model let alone testing it.

My Problems so far:
1. can I open a K file and edit it back in cathia or any other CAD software?
2. I still don't understand the contribution of spotweld in improving crashworthiness of a car.
3. I'm searching for a relevent articles regarding this titles: crashworthiness, spotweld, frontal structure. They are for the references of my literature review of the FYP.

If any of you know anything or have something to share about this topic, I am more than pleased to receive your help. Of course I'll be doing some researches on my own.

These are the links that could help you understanding the software more: ANSYS & LS Prepost Tutorial.

Alhamdulillah my Finite Element Analysis(FEA) project is nearly finished despite having to do it alone when my friend decided to drop the course because he's very busy this sem. Let just hope for the best. Presentation next week!!

the model is very detail, right? there's even small parts like screws and nuts.


I'm not going to join the MASUM this year because of the Industrial Training, maybe. Too bad IIU team  don't have many 'fast spikers'. There's only me, Munem, who'll be graduating this sem (and he broke his arm) and Raja. But from my observation, I think the team will achieve higher than last year because the coach is very positive about this. What's left is determination from the players, especially the juniors. All the best to IIU team.

That's all for now.

"And those who strive in Our (Cause)― We will certainly guide them to Our Paths: for verily Allah is with those who do right." (Al-Ankabut:69)

note: finishing all the assignments, projects and reports before SKEMA tomorrow. Allahumma yansurna
note2: You do understand this, don't you? ^_^


6 Responses to "Using ANSYS to do FEA for FYP"
  1. Saturday: assignments, thesis, projects....
    Sunday: SKEMA

    all da best..jia you!!!

  2. thanks, jia you!! (dont know how to reply in mandarin..hehe)

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